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May 24, 2017

Michael Conforto and the NY Mess

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Outside of Michael Conforto- who basically is playing everyday because everyone else is hurt or bad- the New York Mets are the New York Mess now. Take that back, Wilmer Flores, Rene Rivera and TJ Rivera are playing well and Jacob DeGrom is Jacob DeGrom.  Jay Bruce is a pro. The rest of the team? Somehow the New York Mets have the worst ERA in Major League Baseball. I REPEAT. The New York Mets— a team based on historically great pitching- could not get outs in the Bayonne Little League. The Bullpen-overtaxed due to injuries and bad starting pitching- has been horrific and Manager Terry Collins has to go to these guys more than a bar customer goes to a urinal.  Somehow- and a lot of this is  culture, a winning environment and Collins- this team is not out of it. A big part is how bad this division is minus the Washington Nationals. NY is a good week away from being .500 and that is the starting point. Players such as Yoenis Cespedes and Travis d’Arnaud are in near returning and arms such as Steven Matz and Seth Lugo are also deep in rehab stints. Amazingly the season is not lost and we have more than a 110 games to go. The Mets over the last 2 seasons have been a dominant 2nd half team. It all begins, ends and starts with pitching. RUN PREVENTION. Preventing runs is the key to any run. Pun intended. #LGM

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