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May 7, 2017

Matt Harvey

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My name is Jay Flannelly, I love the  New York Mets and I hate Matt Harvey. All three of these things will not change and have been earned. Anyone who reads my blog knows how much I love this team, the owners (Wilpon family) are huge University of Michigan alums(My Alma Matter) and I spend many days and nights at the Baseball and Softball facilities Mr Wilpon financed. Losses hurt: after the World Series defeat in 2015, I did not sleep for 4 days. I grew up around the game, in baseball crazy New England. I am the son of Jim Flannelly who would attend the Red Sox home opener with his Brother and business associates regularly. He would never miss a businessman special at Fenway and I saw Yaz, El Tiante , Fred Lynn and Pudge Fisk more than Big Bird and Mr. Rodgers growing up. The game is in my blood.

What is also in my blood is respect for the game and your teammates. You play hard, work hard, support each other and battle. EVERYDAY. EVERYPLAY. I played for the best high school football coach in America -Dick Collins at Andover High School. I am in regular contact with his son Rick and widow Barbara Collins.  Two of my 3 position coaches are a text or phone call away in Peter Reilly and Peter Comeau. I had incredible captains like Brian Donnellan, Johnny Thompson, Joe Marinaro, Brett Hammond and Stefan Fodor. These guys showed up ,shut up and led. By example. By words. By actions. Win or lose, we stuck together. And our teams policed problems, keeping things internal. I wasn’t the best player but I tried to be the best teammate I could be. Our team has one goal: Winning.

These above paragraphs illustrate why when I see the name or face of Matt Harvey I lose my mind. He is none of the above and about one thing and one thing only: HIM. And getting paid. And fame. It is not about pitching or helping the team. This team is down 5 everyday regulars and 3 starting pitchers and was playing good team baseball before Sunday’s game. Then Matt Harvey happened. Matt reportedly did not come to the ball park Saturday. 24 other guys did. The Captain of this team has more  problems than The Rebels fighting Darth Vader at the end of Rogue One. He has millions and a family. He comes to the park everyday with a  broken back and shoulder and tries to play. Matt got a migraine golfing. I get migraines every time I see him with a Mets uniform on.

My stance on #33 has been established. Look at my columns from September 2015 here. I thought he was a team killing disease. Today confirmed it. You cannot win with this type of divisive individual in a team sport. Baseball is hard enough with everyone pulling in same direction. Not only is Matt not in line, he is not even in the building. I joked today the team should send him to the minors. But when you consider that New York’s Triple A affiliate is Las Vegas, The Mets are probably concerned Matt would disappear. WHY? #GoodIdea I called for it 2 years ago. Most fans called for it Sunday by 2 pm. #LGM


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