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September 5, 2007

Mets Head Down the Stretch With Five Game Lead

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It’s been a while and like the Mets, I’ve had my ups and downs.  Hopefully this post will get me back on track and I’m hoping to enjoy a nice September by the Mets that include their second straight division title.  Things are nearly as definite as they were last year, but with a magic number of nineteen, the Mets can probably get away with playing .500 ball the rest of the way and still lock up that playoff spot.

Man, was it nice to see Pedro Martinez back on the mound.  And with a decent start under his belt, let’s hope that Pedro can provide the Mets with another reliable arm, at least for five or six innings a start.  John Maine didn’t look sharp today and Tom Glavine has piled up the innings and it’s be nice to pad this lead, clinch with about a week or more to go, and then give these guys a rest.

David Wright has really stepped things up in the second half.  With a .363/..469/.593 post All-Star game line, Wright has gotten it done for the Mets the entire second half.  He’s even got a shot at a 30/30 season if he can pick up four more homeruns. 

Jose Reyes picked up enough runs to notch his second straight 100 run season.  His power is down from last year but he also has ten more steals with a month left to play.  100 is probably out of reach but the last time someone stole 80 bases was Rickey Henderson in 1988.  He’s already set the new team record when he passed Roger Cedeno’s 66 in 1999.

Carlos Beltran finally got in on the act in August with his best month of the year.  Even better, he’s off to a nice start in September.

The Astros are on deck for the Mets, which is hopefully just what the doctor order as they’re near the bottom of the National League.  I like the pitching matchups as well, with the interesting game on Saturday with Tom Glavine locking up with Roy Oswalt.

July 30, 2007

Mets Acquire Luis Castillo

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The Mets shored up their offense and filled a huge hole by picking up Twins second baseman Luis Castillo.  The fleet footed, gold glover won’t give the team much pop but the Mets have plenty of big sticks so having a table setter like Castillo in the front part of the lineup is a big boost to the Mets.  In exchange for Castillo, the Mets gave up Drew Butera and Dustin Martin, both of whom are fringe prospects.  Of course this is a short term rental because Castillo hits the market after the season unless the Mets decide to lock him up. 

The Mets sit on a 3 1/2 game lead although it’s now over the Phillies and not the Braves.  The Braves just picked up Mark Teixeira and that gives them a bump as well.  All of a sudden, the NL East just got a whole lot more interesting.  Starting tomorrow, the NL East leader takes on the NL Central leader as the Mets go to Milwaukee to play the Brewers.  It’s Tom Glavine against Jeff Suppan in the opener.

July 22, 2007

Mets Keep Pace, Stay Ahead Of Pack In NL East

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If you look at the standings from a “games behind” standpoint ten games ago, you won’t have seen a lot of movement.  The Mets and Braves are both 6-4 in their last ten and neither the Phillies nor the Marlins have either made a run nor slid back either.  The good news is though, the Mets remain in first and while 2 1/2 games could disappear in a hurry, if they can put together a nice run, they could make it five or six games just as quickly.

Carlos Beltran is starting to heat up.  He has homeruns in his last three games and two hits in four of his last five.  And while his batting average is still hovering around .260, his OPS has peaked and it’s been three weeks since he had his current .831 mark.  Still, for Beltran to be worth the bucks, we need to see him up near .900 and hopefully he can continue his run and get there sooner rather then later.

John Maine is stuck on ten wins and he’s been roughed up his last two times out.  It’ll be interesting to see when the Mets make the playoffs (yes, when), who the starters will be.  You figure Glavine and El Duque are locks, and Pedro will be in there if healthy.  Then it’s down to Oliver Perez and John Maine and the nod may go to the veteran.  So John Maine could lead the team in wins, yet not be one of the four starters come playoff time.

Tom Glavine continues his march towards 300 wins but he got bombed his last time out.  Glavine’s been solid but at times inconsistent and hopefully he can iron some of that out over the next few weeks heading down the stretch.  He’ll be one of the guys we rely on down the stretch if things remain tight.

Carlos Delgado, despite the lack of homers, is having an excellent month of July.  His 1.023 OPS is almost .200 points more then his previous month high this year back in May and since June 30, his batting average has climbed 24 points and his OPS is up 63 points.  He’s another guy who has to heat up for us.

The Mets have an easy week coming up.  They finish up with the Dodgers today, then it’s three against the Pirates and three against the Nationals.  You’d have to hope the team would have an extra game or two lead by the end of that time although the Braves play a less then stellar Giants team to start the week.

July 11, 2007

Mets Need To Be Better In Second Half

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The All Star Break is over with and while the Mets sit on top of the roost in the division, the Mets are going to have to be better in the second half.  The reason being is, the Braves and Phillies aren’t going away and there’s a good chance one or both of them are going to make a move soon to improve.  The only problem is, the Mets best bargaining chip has been a problem.  Lastings Milledge is probably the biggest talent the Mets have right now, he’s just been a pain in the you now what.  Now he’s coming back from an injury and after a good game at Double A, he’s proclaimed himself as being ready for the Mets.  Still, he’s a top notch talent and while I probably wouldn’t have wanted to see him go last year, he’s just been too difficutlt and he hasn’t even shown us much yet.

Still, a two game lead is a two game lead and the Mets have to keep things going.  The pitching has been spotty but it’s got the job done and the hitting has been good but not top notch like last year.  Pedro Martinez, the last I heard, was still on pace to be back in August and if he’s close to 100%, that will give the team a huge boost.

If there’s an MVP on the team, I’d have to pick up Jose Reyes.  He’s the man who drives the offense and while his power numbers are down (his .439 slugging is almost 50 points below last year’s mark), his strikeout to walk ratio is nothing short of phenomonal for a guy who, just two years ago walked just 27 times.  He’s walked more times then he struck out (47 to 46) and his .387 OBP would be a career high.  And he’s also on pace to steal 80-90 bases with all of the doubles and triples.  He’s become the leadoff hitter that everyone was hounding for him to be all of these years.  If he has one knock, it’s that his stolen base success rate isn’t as high as it’s been in year’s past but the fact that he’s being aggressive is worth something.

The best pitcher in the first half has to be John Maine.  At 10-4 and a team leading 2.71 ERA, Maine is showing he could take over as the staff ace.  Oliver Perez has also been a pleasant surprise and while Tom Glavine is just a touch above .500, he’s been a workhorse for the team with a team leading 115 2/3 innings.

The guy that needs to come around is Carlos Beltran.  Since a solid April, Beltran hasn’t hit above .240 in a month since with July being his worst month so far.  He does have a couple of weeks to turn that around though and it’d be nice to see that happen.

The Mets go up against the Reds for four games here after the break.  El Duque gets the start in the opener against Bronson Arroyo and tis is a series that the Mets should be win.  The Reds are still at the bottom of the National League heap and the Mets have to make sure they stay there.

June 25, 2007

Mets Edge Cardinals In Eleven Innings For Fourth Straight Win

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Now this is the way things are supposed to work.  The Mets swept the Athletics in impressive fashion and then they took care of the Cardinals in a 2-1, eleven inning pitcher’s duel.  The end result is, as of 11:30 EDT, the Mets have a 3 1/2 game lead over the Phillies (yeah, the Phillies passed the Braves).

Mets pitchers gave up just three runs in their three game series against the Athletics.  The most impressive outing was the 1-0 win on Saturday with Orlando Hernandez throwing seven shutout frames.  The lone run of the game came on an RBI double by the still hot David Wright.  He hasn’t hit a homerun in a while, and his seven game hitting streak ended tonight but he’s put together some nice games in this most recent four game winning streak.

Tonight, it was Jorge Sosa who had an impressive start.  He gave up just one run on six hits and two walks with five strikeouts in six innings.  The game winner was a walk off solo homerun by Shawn Green in the bottom of the eleventh.  In all, the Mets managed just three hits in eleven innings yet they still won the game.

Tomorrow it’ll be Oliver Perez going up against Todd Wellemeyer.  Perez has dropped three of his last four but in only one of those starts has he been horrible.  One odd thing about Perez is, he’s almost always gotten a decision one way or the other.  He’s 7-6 and it’s in only 14 starts.

June 18, 2007

Mets Continue Horrific June With Series Loss to Yankees

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Three wins.  That’s all the Mets have in June so far and when you put it along side the twelve losses, you wonder how the Mets have stayed on top of the pack.  The Phillies, who were way back at one point have now pulled to within two games and even the Nationals of all teams sit just eight games back of the Mets.  Still, the Braves haven’t capitalized so the Mets remain in first and all it’ll take is a nice run to give the Mets another cushion.

One of the problems has been the hitting.  After a team OPS of .809 in April and .752 in May, the Mets are now down to just a .681 OPS in June.  That equates to an 81 OPS+, which isn’t going to cut it for a first place team.  And then the pitching has been downright awful.  Heading into yesterday’s game, the team ERA was 5.41 in June.  So I guess when the pitching and the hitting tank at the same time, you expect the team to play poorly.  I just didn’t expect the Mets to have a stretch like they have.  It almost seems like someone pushed an off button on June 1.

One encouraging sign is that David Wright is finally starting to heat up.  After a rough April, he put together some nice numbers in May and now he’s simply on fire.  He leads the team with twelve homeruns and he’s right behind Carlos Delgado with 37 RBIs.

Oddly, Jorge Sosa has two of the Mets three wins this month and he’s been a pleasant surprise.  He’s now 6-2 and if he can keep it up, he’ll give the Mets a nice option as a fourth starter (fifth once Pedro comes back).  It’s funny how the Mets rotation looked full of holes but with Sosa and Oliver Perez stepping it up, the starting rotation has definitely held their own.

The Mets play the Twins beginning tonight in another three game interleague series.  It’ll be John Maine going up against Carlos Silva in the opener.  Silva’s been mediocre so this would be a good game to get those bats going again.

June 5, 2007

Large And In Charge

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Don’t look too much into the Mets’ series loss to the Diamondbacks.  I’m not sure if their hitters just checked out or what, but you’re not going to see the Mets scored just a single run too often, much less twice in the same series.  The Carlos Beltran injury might have a little to do with it though. 

The good news is, the Mets have a nice four game lead over the Braves now and their 35-20 is good for best in the National League.  And even better, this week the Mets have a chance to bury the Phillies, who have been hovering around .500 since they bounced back from the horrendous start.  I like the pitching matchups in the first two games so if the Mets can get some hitting going against Hamels in the finale, you could be looking at a sweep. 

Carlos Delgado’s power surge has been nice, but he’s still sporting a .685 OPS, which isn’t going to cut it.  It’s nice to see the big guy heating up though. 

It’s two old men tonight with Jamie Moyer throwing against Tom Glavine.  Like I said earlier, I like our chances in this one.

May 17, 2007

Mets Continue Roll Through AL Central

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Last week it was the Brewers and this week it was the Cubs.  Chicago rolled into town and left with their tail between their legs the Mets won three of four.  The opener and today’s finale were close but the Mets also ran up the score yesterday.  Of course Tuesday’s game isn’t worth talking about because at the end of the day, the Mets have reclaimed first place with a game and a half cushion.

The big scare was Jose Reyes leaving the series with a hamstring injury.  He missed today’s game and they’re calling it cramping but hamstrings are funny injury, especially for a player who relies so much on his speed.  There’s no doubt losing Reyes is a huge blow, especially with the Yankees rolling into town, but the Mets will just have to make do.

Carlos Delgado may be flirting with the Mendoza line, but he’s made his hits count.  In his last seven games, he’s had just seven hits but he’s also driven in seven runs.  Still, three homers and a .220 batting average isn’t what we’re paying Delgado for and you hope with Reyes possibly missing time, Delgado can pick up the slack a bit.

Jorge Sosa has been very solid since being called up.  He’s 3-0 and his latest outing yesterday was a one run, seven inning start.  His strikeout to walk ratio isn’t all that great (12/8) so you wonder how long he can keep it up but we’ll take it while we can.

And speaking of pitchers, Billy Wagner has been lights out.  He’s given up just one earned run in 17 innings and he’s a perfect nine for nine in save opportunities.  And his batting average against is a microscopic .169.  Against lefties, he’s been totally stingy and he’s given up just one hit in twelve at bats.

The Yankees are next, and we’re catching them this time before Roger Clemens makes his debut.  I like our chances considering the Yankees struggles of late.

May 13, 2007

Not Even Brewers Can Stop Mets

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Alright, we’ve been having some technical difficulties here at Baseball Historians but I’ve been told everything is now fixed so I apologize for the abscence.  Anyway, the Mets may be in second place, but they’re just a half game back and they did it behind a series win over the team with the best record in baseball right now, the Brewers.  If you look at the rest of the teams in that division, you can see why they might have the best record because things thin out pretty quickly in the NL Central while in the East, the Mets have the Braves and the Phillies to worry about.

Oliver Perez got it done for the Mets today with his fourth win of the season and he bounced back pretty nicely from his rough outing on May 7.  Most important, if you take out that one crazy game where he walked seven, he’s kept the intentional passes under control.  Just from looking at his splits, getting that first pitch over for a strike is huge.  Heading into today’s game, his OPS against when he gets a first pitch strike is .514 while the OPS against when it’s a first pitch ball is .740.  It also looks like Perez runs into a bit of trouble once he gets through the lineup twice.  You wonder if it’s a combination of getting tired or just the batters being able to better see what’s coming, or most likely, both.

David Wright hadn’t stolen a base all season until yesterday.  Today he picked up three.  And while Wright’s 31 strikeouts are somewhat concerning, he’s also on pace to pick up more walks then in any other season in his short career.

Damion Easley homered for the fifth time and he’s done it in only 53 at bats.  Not bad for a guy who hasn’t gone yard more then 20 times in a season since he was with the Detroit Tigers since they played in Tiger Stadium.

The Cubs are on deck and while they haven’t particularly been tearing it up after they finally broke a three game losing streak, they had a nice run prior to that.  Alfonso Soriano has been hot though and he’s a guy who can hurt you by himself.  Still though, just in looking at the pitching matchups in the first three games, the only problem I see is Jorge Sosa against Rich Hill on Wednesday.

April 29, 2007

John Maine Throws Seven Shutout Innings In Mets Win

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The Mets won their rubber game with the Nationals and they needed a gem from John Maine.  He threw seven shutout innings and he gave up just three hits and three walks and he struck out eight.  Billy Wagner closed it out and he picked up his fourth save of the season.

The only run of the game was a solo shot by Carlos Beltran.  Jose Reyes reached base twice with a single and a walk and he stole two more bases.

So at the end of it all, the Mets sit tied with the Braves at 15-8.  This could turn into a two team race pretty quick because there’s already a 4 1/2 game cushion between the third place Marlins.  And speaking of the Marlins, that’s who the Mets host next.  Orlando Hernandez gets the start tomorrow and hopefully he can put together a start like he did his last time out against the Rockies (seven shutout innings).

Mets Come From Behind, Top Nationals In Twelve Innings

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This one was a little hairy.  The Mets were down 2-1 heading into the ninth before the Mets rally with a run.  Julio Franco came through big with an RBI single that tied the game up and then in the twelth, Carlos Beltran doubled home two and David Wright singled home two to make it a 6-2 Mets win.

A pretty good start by Tom Glavine almost went to waste.  He gave up just one run on three hits and a walk with two strikeouts in six innings.  Aaron Sele picked up the win with a shutout eleventh and Wagner closed it out with a shutout twelth.

David Wright and Beltran had the two RBIs and Damian Easley finished with two hits and he singled to keep things going in the ninth inning.  Jose Reyes went one for four with a walk, a run and his fourteenth stolen base of the season.

John Maine throws in the rubber game this afternoon.  Jason Bergmann is throwing for the Nationals and he actually sports a solid ERA for a Nat.

April 27, 2007

Mets Fall Just Short In Loss to Nationals

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This stuff shouldn’t happen. Orlando Hernandez gave up three runs in the first and that set the stage in the Mets 4-3 loss to the Nationals.  Hernandez gave up a fourth run and they came on eight hits and he struck out nine.  The big mistake was a three run homer that was servced up by Austin Kearns.

The Mets also got their share of baserunners, they just couldn’t push them across the plate.  Moises Alou went three for four and he drove in a run while Jose Reyes double, stole his thirteenth base of the season and scored a run.

Tom Glavine gets the start tomorrow and hopefully he can stop the miniskid.  Jerome Williams and his 7.77 ERA will get the start of the Nats.

April 25, 2007

Mike Pelfrey, Bullpen Hammered by Rockies

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This game got ugly and it happened pretty quickly.  Mike Pelfrey took the loss and he gave up six runs in three innings but Aaron Sele (four runs in two innings) also got beat up.  You’d think this game was in Coors Field or something.

Jose Reyes was the hitting star in the 11-5 loss.  He went four for five with two runs.  Endy Chavez drove in two runs and Shawn Green had two hits and three RBIs.

The Mets get tomorrow off and then they hit the road for three against the Nationals in D.C.  Oliver Perez will hopefully follow through on his previous solid start in the opener.  All the pitching matchups work out well and I think a sweep is in order.

April 24, 2007

Mets Top Rockies in Twelve Inning Pitchers Duel

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The Mets needed twelve innings but they got it done tonight in a 2-1 win over the Rockies.  Shawn Green scored on Endy Chavez’s bunt singled in the bottom of the twelth to win it.  Just as important, Damian Easley hit a huge solo homerun in the tenth just to keep the game going.

Orlando Hernandez had an awesome start and he threw seven shutout innings.  Then Aaron Heilman threw a shutout frame until Billy Wagner put the Rockies down in the ninth. Unfortunately, Wagner was tagged for the lone run in the tenth.  Joe Smith ended up with his first win though as he got the final two Rockies out.

The Mets can pick up the sweep tomorrow with Mike Pelfrey on the mound.  I like our chances as long as Pelfrey can go six innings or so.  The pen is pretty tapped.

April 23, 2007

Jose Valentin Drives in Four in Mets Win Over Rockies

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Jose Valentin drove in four runs tonight in the Mets 6-1 win over the Rockies.  He drove in the first three with his second homerun of the season and the fourth and final RBI came on a sac. fly.  Carlos Delgado also went yard and he drove in two while Jose Reyes drew a walk and stole two bases. 

The pitching was there as well.  John Maine improved to 3-0 and he gave up one run on seven hits and two walks with five strikeouts. 

El Duque will try to make it two straight and there’s also some good news out of Miami.  The Marlins edged the Braves so the Mets are back in first place.

April 22, 2007

Bullpen Roughed Up in Mets Loss

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The last game with the Braves was pretty ugly.  The Mets touched up John Smoltz for five in the sixth to make it 6-3 and then Tom Glavine came out of the game to see the pen completely blow the game.  Aaron Heilman ended up picking up the loss when he gave up three unearned runs and he’s now 1-2 but two other relievers gave up runs as well.

Shawn Green brought the big stick in the 9-6 loss.  He went three for four with a homerun and he finished with two runs.  Jose Reyes had two hits and he drove in three while Paul Lo Duca had two hits and an RBI.

Tom Glavine didn’t get a decision in a pretty good start.  He gave up three runs on seven hits with five strikeouts in five innings of work.  We already went through what the pen did and this game was a long one at a minute over 3:20.

So the Mets finish the week a half game back of the Braves.  The next best team is the Marlins at three games back so at least for now, this is a two team race.  Next up is a three game set in Colorado with John Maine throwing tomorrow.  The Braves take on the Marlins so either the Braves will push the Marlins further back or the Mets will be in first place by the weekend series. 

April 21, 2007

Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes Lead Mets in Win Over Braves

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Alright, the Mets won and they’re back in first.  The rubber game will determine who will begin next week in the top spot but at least for now, it’s back to advantage Mets.

Carlos Beltran had a huge day at the plate today. He went four for five with two RBIs and two runs and he finished a homerun short of hitting for the cycle.  Jose Reyes did it all and he went three for five with two runs, a solo homer and a stolen base.  Damion Easley and Ramon Castro each hit homers in the 7-2 win.

Oliver Perez bounced back nicely from his previously horrible start.  He gave up just two runs on nine hits with nine strikeouts in 6 2/3 innings.  The most important thing was, he didn’t walk a batter so he must have worked on a few things. 

Tomorrow it’ll be John Smoltz versus Tom Glavine in a rematch from a couple of weeks ago. Like I said earlier, the prize is first place.  Let’s hope the Mets can get to Smoltz better then they did last time.

April 20, 2007

Mets Blown Out by Braves

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Alright, let’s put this first game with the Braves behind us.  Even the 7-3 score doesn’t do the blowout justice because the Mets didn’t pick up their three runs until the ninth inning.

Mike Pelfrey was hit hard and he dropped to 0-1.  He gave up four runs on six hits and two walks with three strikeouts in five innings.  Pedro Feliciano gave up three unearned runs to round out the scoring.

Shawn Green hit his second homerun of the season and he drove in two runs.  Moises Alou went two for four with a run and an RBI.

So now it’s time for Oliver Perez to right the ship.  He hasn’t pitched since the eleventh and that was that horrible seven walk game so hopefully he can bounce back.

April 19, 2007

Carlos Beltran Leads Mets in Blow Out Win

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The Mets moved into first place after a blowout win over the Marlins tonight.  Carlos Beltran led the way with a monster game.  He went four for six with a homerun, two runs and two RBIs.  Ramon Castro also homered and he drove in three runs and Jose Valentin hit a solo homerun.

Orlando Hernandez struck out ten in a solid start.  He gave up two runs on three hits and two walks in seven innings of start.  The win improved his record to 2-1 on the season.

Next up is a huge three game series at home against the Braves.  The winner of the series will lead the division and Mike Pelfrey gets the ball tomorrow in a start against Tim Hudson.

April 18, 2007

John Maine Takes No-Hitter Into Seventh in Mets Win

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John Maine improved to 2-0 tonight with an impressive outing against the Marlins.  He threw six no-hit innings until Miguel Cabrera tagged him in the seventh for a single.  He’d eventually give up two runs but by that point, the game was well out of reach.

The Mets racked up seventeen hits in the win.  Carlos Beltran homered and drove in three runs while Jose Reyes finished with four hits, one RBI and a run in the 9-2 win.  Six different Mets finished with multi-hit games.

For the time being, the Mets are tied with the Braves until we know the outcome of their game.  Tomorrow, Orlando Hernandez will throw in the series finale and he’ll take on Rick Vanden Hurk.

Moises Alou Homers Twice in Mets Blowout Win

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I wonder if Jimmy Rollins is still running his mouth.  The Mets handed the Phillies their ninth loss already this season and it was Moises Alou who led the way with the stick.  He homered twice and he drove in three runs in the 8-1 win.  Ramon Castro and Carlos Beltran each had two hits and two RBIs in the win while Jose Reyes reached base three times and he stole two bases.

Tom Glavine picked up win number three in a nice outing.  He gave up just a single run on six hits and five walks with three strikeouts in six innings of work.  Three relievers then threw an inning a piece to shut out the Phillies the rest of the way.

Next up is a short trip to Miami for two against the Marlins.  John Maine will go up against the Marlins ace, Dontrelle Willis so we have our work cut out for us at least in this one.

April 14, 2007

El Duque Hit Hard by Nationals in Mets Loss

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Okay, like I said, no sweep means disappointment and it was tough seeing Orlando Hernandez get victimized by such a poor offense.  He must have felt bad too because he got tossed in the sixth inning.  He dropped to 1-1 and he gave up six runs on eight hits and three walks with four strikeouts in five innings of work.

Five different Mets had two hits a piece and the Mets stranded nine guys.  David Wright had two hits and a run while Jose Valentin had two hits and an RBI.  Shawn Green both scored and drove in a run on a double.

John Maine gets the start tomorrow against some guy I’ve never heard of in the rubber game.  Okay, it’s Matt Chico but his ERA is above seven.

April 13, 2007

Mets Tie Braves for First in the NL East With Win Over Nationals

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Mike Pelfrey made his season debut and he did well enough to keep the Mets in the game. He gave up two runs on six hits and four walks with two strikeouts in 5 2/3 innings.  Then four relievers combined for 3 1/3 innings of one hit relief.  Billy Wagner pitched a perfect ninth and he picked up his third save.

The game winner came in the seventh when Julio Franco drove in David Wright with a pinch hit RBI single.  Wright finished the game two for five and Jose Reyes scored two runs.

El Duque gets the start tomorrow.  I told you anything less then a sweep would be a disappointment and so far, it’s so good.

April 12, 2007

Moises Alou Hits Mets to Win Over Phillies

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Moises Alou got it done at the plate today in the Mets 5-3 win over the Phillies.  He went three for four with a triple, an RBI and two runs.  Jose Reyes also had another nice game with two hits, two RBIs and a run.

Tom Glavine improved to 2-1 on the season with six decent innings.  He gave up three runs on four hits and three walks with four strikeouts in six innings of work.  Billy Wagner put the Phillies down in the ninth for a save and the end result was a series win.

Mike Pelfrey makes his big league debut tomorrow as the Nationals roll into town.  Anything less then a sweep against what’s probably the worst team in baseball will be a disappointment.

Oliver Perez Walks Seven in Loss to Phillies

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Oliver Perez had a minor meltdown on the mound last night as he walked seven batters and hit another in a 5-2 loss.  He last just 2 2/3 innings and he walked in two runs and hit another batter to drive in a third.  In an odd line, he gave up three runs on just a single walk with two strikeouts.  Aaron Sele gave up two runs in 4 1/3 innings to give the Phillies a little insurance, but they didn’t need it because the Mets bats didn’t do much.

Jose Reyes pretty much provided the offense.  He went two for three with an RBI and a stolen base.  Tom Glavine gets the start tonight in the rubber game and he’ll face another old man in Jamie Moyer.

April 10, 2007

Mets Score Seven in the Eighth, Top Phillies

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Moises Alou singled home two runs to cap off a seven run eighth inning earlier this afternoon.  In all, the Mets racked up eleven runs on twelve hits as they came from behing to beat the Phillies 11-5.  All nine Mets regulars had a hit and eight different players scored runs.  And they did it mostly with singles as eleven of the twelve hits were just for a single base.  Carlos Delgado led the way with three hits, two runs and two RBIs.

John Maine had a tough time finding the plate as he walked six in 4 2/3 innings.  He gave up two runs on five hits with four strikeouts.  Pedro Feliciano picked up the win after throwing a scoreless eighth.

Oliver Perez throws for the Mets tonight.  He’ll face Adam Eaton as the Mets try to further bury the “team to beat.” 

April 8, 2007

Mets Lose Rubber Game to Braves

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The Mets won their first four and now they’ve dropped their last two and the Braves in the process take an early one game lead after two series.  Aaron Heilman blew what was a great start for Orlando Hernandez when he gave up the tying and go ahead runs in the bottom of the eighth.  El Duque gave up just a single run on two hits and four walks with five strikeouts in six innings of work.

Shawn Green and Ramon Castro hit solo homeruns to account for the two Mets runs.  The Braves pen sure did do a number on the Mets with 2 1/3 shutout innings.

The Phillies roll into town.  The 1-5 Phillies.  I wonder if Jimmy Rollins is still shooting his mouth off.  The only thing keeping them out of the cellar are the Nationals.

April 7, 2007

Tom Glavine Falters in Sixth in First Mets Loss of the Season

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You can’t win them all, and today John Smoltz outdueled former teammate Tom Glavine in a 5-3 Mets loss.  Glavine gave up five runs (two earned) on four hits and three walks with two strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings. 

Paul Lo Duca went yard with a solo shot in the first inning.  Shawn Green also had a solid game.  He went three for five with an RBI.

Orlando Hernandez throws tomorrow.  The winner gets the series and they also get first place in the NL East all to themselves.

April 6, 2007

Jose Reyes Leads Mets in Blowout Over Braves

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Man has Jose Reyes turned into a stud and he definitely got the job tonight.  He went three for six with two triples, four RBIs and two runs in the 11-1 blowout win.  Carlos Delgado drove in two while Shawn Green and Oliver Perez each scored twice.

And speaking of Perez, his solid start was lost in all the offense.  He gave up just one run on five hits with six strikeouts in seven innings of work.  Here’s the kicker…..he didn’t walk a batter.  Very solid and a good season out of Perez would be huge.

We’ve got a classic pitching matchup tomorrow as Tom Glavine goes head to head with John Smoltz.  It’d be nice to make it five straight and hopefully Glavine beats his old teammate.

April 4, 2007

John Maine, Carlos Beltran Lead Mets in Blowout Win Over Cards

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The Mets got it done again today.  The pitching was good, the hitting was good and the end result is a three game sweep over the defending champs.

John Maine was awesome on the mound.  He threw seven innings of one hit ball and he struck out six.  In the meantime, Carlos Beltran belted two homeruns and he drove in four runs while Jose Reyes had two hits, two runs and three RBIs in the 10-0 win.

The Mets get tomorrow off and then they face the now 2-0 Braves. Oliver Perez will kick the series off and he’ll face Chuck James.

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