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February 19, 2013

Betting tips on the New York Mets in this season’s MLB

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When it comes to naming baseball teams the New York Mets are one of the sides that most people – even those who are not really fans of baseball – would be able to name. Unfortunately this sort of fame does not always mean success on the field, and in recent times the Mets haven’t really enjoyed much of it. This is reflected in the odds they have been given for this season’s MLB – both for the National League pennant and for the World Series itself, although optimistic Mets fans may find themselves unable to resist a bet anyway.

When it comes to both the National League and the World Series the Mets are rated rank outsiders this season, meaning few neutrals will want to risk a bet. Their odds for the former are in the region of 50/1 at most sites, which are just about the longest odds you can get. Of course this is the kind of bet that would pay off big-time if they were successful, but that is unlikely to happen – at some sites the odds are as steep as 80/1. In the case of the World Series, you will get odds of either 80 or 100/1 on the Mets at most sites, which again means the most sensible tip, would be simply not to bet on them.

This won’t be much fun for hardened Mets fans to hear (although they are probably used to it) and it is hard to envisage them wanting to bet on anyone else. Overall they will probably find playing a baseball themed slot game like Hot Shot to be a better way of getting a fix of gambling and baseball. Alongside a maximum cash jackpot of $2000, the nine pay line five reel game – which you can play at – really goes out of its way with the baseball theme. You have visuals of a lush baseball green and sounds of the fans and the ball whacking against the bat, as well as reel icons in the shape of baseball hats, catchers mitts and snacks like hot dogs and fries.

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