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July 29, 2017

Farewell Lucas Duda and this blogger

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The Mets traded away Lucas Duda the other night and I have traded in for my own site Both wise moves. Duda was a good Met and one several smart decisions by General Manager Sandy Alderson( picked Duda over 1B Ike Davis) that helped the team reach the 2015 World Series. He will be missed. I will check in on this site every now and then and really enjoyed this. My focus is now on my own business and I will write the odd post here and cover bigger Mets stories on my site. #LGM

July 11, 2017

Conforto Lone Mets All Star, This writer is … fed up

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Lots of good things in my life right now– and the Mets are barely a part of it. Insert joke here. I follow the scores, check in from time to time but the endless negative news and play from this team makes me nuts. I have covered this team for over 10 years, watched them since 1980. I have seen losing. LOTS OF IT. This year is different. This is a good team that cannot stay healthy- and hasn-t for years- yet no significant changes happen. That makes fans – fans like me- indifferent and indifferent is not something you want from your Fan Base. Gary, Keith and Ron- 3 loyal Mets guys- do not sugar coat things and have eyes. So do I. David Wright aside, you cannot predict injuries but some how this team needs to fix this or more guys like me will find better things to do than watch The Triple A Mets try to get out Bryce Harper. I trust Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins and suffer with them. But they are not the issue and the issue needs to be addressed.

Mets News:¬†OF Michael Conforto was the lone Mets representative in the All Star Game. Thats all you need to know about the Mets season. A guy who not guaranteed at bats as the season started is in the mid season classic. Very good sign for the player though after tough 2016 campaign. Bright future…. I expect the team to look at trading Jay Bruce, Curtis Granderson and Addison Reed as the July 31st deadline approaches. I am on record saying I would sign Bruce. He can play and has a GREAT 1st name…. The Brandon Nimmo collapsed lung story is soooo Mets…. The more I read and talk with folks around the Team,the more I understand how big a waste Matt Harvey is and how bad he is for this team.


July 1, 2017

Tough to watch

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I love My Mets, I love Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson. This is why I hate this season. When they have 75% of their team healthy, amazingly they win games. A couple of pitchers returning- Steven Matz and Seth Lugo- has stabilized an injured and  underachieving  staff. Jacob deGrom looks like Jacob deGrom and offensively Curtis Granderson has gotten hot . The problem with this club has never been runs it INCREDIBLY has been run prevention and a porous infield defense magnifies that. Of course, it doesn-t help when every member of your starting infield has been injured. Players like Jose Reyes, TJ Rivera and Wilmer Flores have to become starters and play multiple positions. Defensive continuity is lost and the results speak for themselves. The larger issue with this club -and it has been this way for 3-4 years MINIMUM- is the incredible list of injures. And their is no common theme- legs, arms, backs,muscles, bones. The common denominator is this happen to Mets players and when Ron Darling RON DARLING loses it on the team tv broadcast the medical- training staff needs to be looked at. I feel like I work for not at times. And that is not fun. #LGM

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