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January 25, 2017

Stay Jay: Mets tell Bruce he is everyday RF

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After trying to move him for most of the offseason, New York Mets management has told RF Jay Bruce he will be in RightField when the season begins and have an everyday role. The team could use the $13 million he owed to supplement their bullpen, which could use another lefty in a left bat heavy NL East(Harper-Murphy-Freeman is not a law firm) but the market overall for power hitters is slow and trades are not fetching strong returns. This is a win, win for both the Mets and Bruce in my opinion. I am a big fan of Jay(Has a GREAT 1st name) and he is on walk year. CenterField will be manned by veteran Curtis Granderson(Also a free agent after the season) and Juan Lagares(defensive sub). The role of Michael Conforto is yet to be determined and both Bruce and Conforto might get reps at 1B with Lucas Duda returning from a serious back injury that cost him much of 2016.  Bruce and Granderson should pair with Yoenis Cespedes to hit 30 + homers as they did in 2016. The only team in MLB to achieve this feet.

January 19, 2017

Hall of Fame? Commentary

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The Baseball Hall of Fame welcomed 3 more elected players Wednesday as OF Tim Raines, 1B Jeff Bagwell and C Ivan Rodriquez got voted into Cooperstown in the Class of 2017. I had the pleasure of watching all 3 for their entire careers and they are very deserving. However, this vote might signal a change in the minds of voters on the stance of potential PED use. 2 of these 3 players have been linked or rumored for much of their careers to steroids. Another from last years Hall class also heard whispers for years. Has the mentality of the baseball writers changed and is this right? And why?

Steroids-PED use took off in the 90s but started in the 1980s. Commissioner Bud Selig was in charge for the peak of the era and was recently voted into the HOF. To me, this both symbolic and odd. First of all, no ML non player-manager should be in the Hall before the late great Marvin Miller. But I digress. I believe many voters allowing Selig in has either shown the forgiveness of the sins of PEDs or that writers are picking and choosing from the era and making their own call on rule benders. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have failed the court of public opinion and did not make it in. No offense to the 3 elected players but they could not touch Barry Bonds at his peak.

People in the anti PED block feel as I do that these players cheated and took jobs from clean players. They got scouts fired who “misevaluated” dirty players or signed a jacked up player who got paid then “shrunk”.  One of my favorite all time players did not realize what made him great-quickness and fast hands, wrists ala Hank Aaron. He was an obvious drugs guy and ruined his career. Others took them for money, Lenny Dykstra just talked about this in his recent book. Free agent and TV dollars made hitting HRs and striking guys out very lucrative. PEDs also cost clean players jobs and careers because they did it the right way. Finally, they forever marred stats and records, taking down great heroes like Aaron, Babe Ruth and Roger Maris.

Those in the vote em in crowd say you cannot ignore an entire era. They try to do what I have done and either judge players by how they performed pre PEDs. This is why I would vote in Bonds and not Clemens. Barry was great for 10 years, 5 tool guy. Roger looked like he trained at Dunkin Donuts when he left Boston after 3 down seasons, His career was toast until he went to a Pharmacy. I also look at how well rounded a player is– think Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. Both are power first, second and third guys. Power was their game. Without steroids, you would not know them. NO for me. The hype these two got in chasing the HR record made the egotistical Bonds turn to needles and POOF. We saw an elite talent w elite help.

Whether you believe or don-t with this era of players, here are the facts. The sport had no strong testing program for PEDs. The power #s exploded and players started looking like the Michelin Man. Players like Fred McGriff are not in the HOF today because his #s looked smaller. PUN INTENDED. Baseball is a sport of eras. We had the live ball or white guys only periods. My policy for PEDs  and the Hall of Fame? Case by case basis. These games happened, the stats are what they are. Nobody can be sure someone is clean or dirty very often.We can not turn back the clock. Recognize it for what it was and is: The past. Try to celebrate the players.


January 15, 2017

Sandy busy as Mets have only Flores left to sign

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The New York Mets , as per team policy, settled with all of their arbitration eligible player accept INF Wilmer Flores(Will be first Met to have arby hearing since 2008) and have a good idea where their payroll will be entering spring training. GM Sandy Alderson would like to move an outfielder(Jay Bruce preferred or veteran Curtis Granderson) to clear some $$$ to sign another veteran reliever or two. This team has a lot of guys coming back from surgery and/or injury-pitchers to the entire starting infield. However, the team has both Jose Reyes and Flores in the infield to provide quality depth. In the outfield, Juan Lagares and Michael Conforto will see the field a lot and could start for most teams. Bruce blocks Conforto from playing regularly and Mets management loves the young outfielders potential. Remember the team added Bruce as Cespedes insurance, as he entered free agency after the 2016 season. #52 resigned with New York and Bruce is viewed as a bad fit-investment at 13 million per. Pitching wise, the team let Bartolo Colon go for a reason. The Mets have depth behind the Big Four with Zach Wheeler, Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman all having some taste of major league success. Wheeler has not pitched in 2 full major league seasons and might be best served out of the bullpen in 2017 as New York deals with a  possible domestic violence for closer Jeurys Familia.

January 12, 2017

Mets arbitration eligible players

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Deadline to file is this Friday, January 13th


Player Service Time Proj. Salary
Lucas Duda 5.1 $6,700,000.00
Addison Reed 5.0 $10,600,000.00
Matt Harvey 4.0 $5,200,000.00
Jeurys Familia 4.0 $8,700,000.00
Zack Wheeler 3.0 $1,000,000.00
Josh Edgin 3.0 $800,000.00
Travis d’Arnaud 3.0 $1,700,000.00
Wilmer Flores 3.0 $1,900,000.00
Jacob deGrom 2.1 $4,500,000.00

Both Duda(1 yr/7.25 Mill) and Wheeler have settled(1 yr/800K). All others will have hearings between team and arbitrator  scheduled post Jan 13th.

January 7, 2017

Mets Top 10 Prospects

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Just published in the current @BaseballAmerica National League East Top 10 Prospects issue(Dec 30,2016-January 13,2017)

New York Mets Top 10 Prospects:

1- Amed Rosario,SS

2- Dominic Smith, 1B

3- Justin Dunn, RHP

4- Desmond Lindsay, OF

5-Brandon Nimmo, OF

6- Gavin Cecchini, SS-2B

7- Robert Gsellman,RHP

8-Thomas Szapucki, LHP

9-Gabriel Ynoa,RHP

10- Tomas Nido, C

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