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December 27, 2016

Holiday hopes for Mets

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Happy Holidays to all my readers(5 people)! Lets look at some key final wishes for Mets fans and players heading into 2017.


1- More Moves: The team will trade Jay Bruce and/or Curtis Granderson and do not have a long term solution in center on current team. Bruce is the likely move and Granderson can play some center but would best be served playing more right with a platoon option in center involving Curtis,Michael Conforto and Juan Lagares.  Again, the Mets would be better served moving Yoenis Cespedes to right long term. Conforto is a good left fielder and #52’s arm plays well in right. After Granderson’s deal expires post 2017 the Mets should look at this seriously. In a Bruce trade, A return of some immediate relief help and prospects would be ideal.

2- Ideal Infield: The Mets have a lot of bodies, depth and questions but options as well in a well stocked infield. With everyone healthy, The team would parade out 1B Lucas Duda, 2B Neil Walker, SS Asdrubal Cabrera and 3B David Wright. The bad news is all 4 of these men missed serious time in 2016. The good news? Names like Jose Reyes, Wilmer Flores, Matt Reynolds and TJ Rivera all showed they can play and do multiple things. Manager Terry Collins has flexibility and quality on all levels. You might not have an infielder play 140 games but The Mets could have a great team. Reyes and Flores could both fill Ben Zobrist super sub roles while Rivera and Reynolds are ideal offense-defense back up types.

3-Pitching Please:  The baseball gods owe the Mets one good, healthy season out of the Big Five: Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz, Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler. New York also has Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman for depth as these 5 work back from various stages of recovery. Wheeler might bridge the gap as a reliever while Jeurys Familia deals with a potential domestic violence suspension to open the 2017 campaign. Health and success of this group is the difference between a good and great Mets team.

December 17, 2016

Commentary: Stop With The Nats love

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Getting sick and tired of the hype with the Washington Nationals and how much better they are than the New York Mets. One team in the National League East made the playoffs the last two years. The same team made the World Series in that same time frame. I will give you a clue, it is not the team Bryce Harper plays for. It is the New York Mets. The team that had more injuries than Evel Knievel in 2016 yet qualified for the playoffs. Those pitchers will be back in 2017 and the Mets are not done with potential trades and signings. Harper is busy tweeting and undermining his front office while worrying about his impending free agency. Mets fans have seen this with the mess who wears #33, when a team “leader” is represented by Scott Boras, winning is not the priority. The 3 most important players on that team Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg and Harper employ that agent. This explains the silly overpay for a good outfielder in Adam Eaton. Harper has placed an window on the Nats with his insane contract demands and the team has to mortage its future to win. I have a feeling Mets GM Sandy Alderson would not behave in the same manner. In closing, I think the Mets will play in 2017 and compete for the division. Speaking of closing, if you want to smile and relax, look at what the Nationals are looking at for the 9th inning. #LGM

December 11, 2016

Mets still have work to do post Winter Meetings

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Mets GM Sandy Alderson had several discussions with teams and agents this past week at annual Winter Meetings as he tried to deal from a position of strength(OutField) to fill  needs(Bullpen, Overall depth). What has become obvious is the veteran executive wants to keep Curtis Granderson and move Jay Bruce, if given the choice. However, if he can move both(Each is a free agent after 2017) and sign or trade for an everyday centerfielder(Several high end players on the chopping block throughout the game… Charlie Blackmon and Lorenzo Cain two examples), the team would be happy. Granderson has been a solid pro on both New York teams, is a great teammate-community leader and has shown he can play centerfield. I am a Jay Bruce guy but he seemed to struggle and press when he arrived in Queens. He is also a career corner outfielder and pure power hitter in a cavernous Citi Field. Moving Bruce also clears the way for organizational favorite Michael Conforto to assume a larger everday role. Conforto could work at all 3 Outfield spots and Firstbase. Juan Lagares is an elite defender in center as well. Another option here is to move the super talent Yoenis Cespedes to rightfield where his cannon arm would be better put to use. A defensive alignment of Conforto-Grandy and Cespedes is the best option for this team heading into 2017. #52 should be ok with this move, he is a great corner outfielder and very good CF who moved back to left fulltime due to recurring leg issues.


Mets Notes: P Zack Wheeler could open the season in the bullpen to offset a potential suspension for closer Jeurys Familia(Domestic violence) as well as cap an innings limit for the righty as he continues his comeback from Tommy John Surgery in early 2014. The team enters camp with 6 legit starting pitchers in Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, Jacob de Grom, Matt Harvey, Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman plus Wheeler. Keep in mind 3 of these arms had some type of surgery and Thor pitched a career high inning total … Jose Reyes will get work in the outfield in spring training as well and is another option in Centerfield….Alderson was asked who will be his everyday third baseman in 2017. Without hesitation he answered “David Wright”.

December 4, 2016

Winter Meetings Preview

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The Major League baseball winter meetings began today in The Washington DC-Maryland area and run through Thursday. Two big ticket outfielders signed in recent days(Ex Met Carlos Beltran and Matt Holliday) so the market should stabilize and allow teams like the Mets ,with a surplus of outfielders, to spring into action. Numerous outlets have NY shopping both Jay Bruce and Curtis Granderson, who are signed thru the 2017 campaign. Most fans and media think Bruce is a goner while Granderson can play both right and centerfield with Juan Lagares and Michael Conforto also factoring in the outfield. But Granderson’s name has come up and Mets GM Sandy Alderson has shown an ability to adapt to the market during his incredible career. I would not be surprised to see both move and the team add another outfielder via free agency or trade. Defense in center with the Mets has to be a priority with the dimensions in Citi Field and Marlins park(Almost 90 games total at those venues) as well as a franchise based on dominant pitching. The next couple of days should be interesting.

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