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July 31, 2016

Walker HR helps Mets salvage tough week as trade deadline nears

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A red hot Neil Walker hit a huge 3 run homer in the 7th to help the injury ravaged NY Mets avoid a 4 game sweep at the hands of a dangerous Colorado Rockies Sunday at Citi Field. In the last week, the team has lost 2 players to the DL(Juan Lagares and Jose Reyes) and saw their invincible closer Jeurys Familia some how blow back to back saves after converting 52 straight. Add SS Asdrubal Cabrera to the Mets MASH unit as he came up lame and in agony as he scored in the 1st inning with a serious knee injury. Weeks like this make you realize luck-health  is  big deal and a major reason why I am cautious over the next 24 hrs If I am the Mets. This might not be our year and I think the division is out of reach with all the injuries. I would consider small moves and get to the offseason to consider wholesale changes.

July 25, 2016

Mets return to Queens to face Cardinals

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The New York Mets completed a 3 city 9 game road trip by taking 2 of 3 in Miami a battle for wild card and division standings. NY got strong outings from Steven Matz and Logan Verrett while the Mets bullpen continued to dominate. Michael Conforto and Juan Lagares have manned Centerfield with Yoenis Cespedes hurting with a recurring leg issue. #52 can still hit and play LeftField but the running required to play center is too much to ask. Conforto has hit since his recall from Vegas and made a great catch on the 1st out of the game Sunday. Add his ability to play some right to spell veteran Curtis Granderson and #30 can be a huge factor the 2nd half playoff push. The Mets will face the tough battle hardened St. Louis Cardinals in 3 games over the next 2 days after the game Monday night was postponed due to weather.

Mets Notes:  With the trade deadline nearing, the Mets have been linked to Milwaukee Brewers 1B-C Jonathan Lucroy. GM Sandy Alderson spoke to the media Monday and claims the team is more likely to add a starting pitcher than position player, which makes sense with the season ending surgery for Matt Harvey… 1B James Loney has been a severely underrated move by this team. He is not Keith Hernandez but is a solid all around player who has allowed the team to stay afloat. Type of guy who grows on you as you watch the season…. Reliever Hansel Robles has really picked it up and has become a go to guy in the 7th inning…Congrats to team captain David Wright and his wife Molly on the birth of their 1st child, Daughter Olivia Shea.

July 17, 2016

deGrom-inated, Cespedes Ok, Conforto recalled

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Mets ace Jacob deGrom sure took advantage of the rest over the all star break and threw a complete game 1 hitter in Sunday’s 5-0 win vs the Phillies in Philadelphia. deGrom had never pitched into the 9th in his entire career and  was throwing free and easy in 90 degree temps. #48 has not had his plus, plus stuff all year but has pitched— PITCHED. Today he had his stuff and looked 100%. This is a big deal heading forward with Matt Harvey gone for the year and both Steven Matz and Noah Syndergaard battling health issues. Play the lottery if you had Bartolo Colon as the most reliable Mets starting pitcher.  The win secured a series win(2 of 3) and sets up a rematch of the 2015 NLCS between NY and the Cubs in Chicago.

Mets Notes: Mets all star OF Yoenis Cespedes(Leg) finally returned to the lineup Sunday but not to his customary CF. He played Left and according to both skipper Terry Collins and #52, this is probably permanent. The good news? Juan Lagares, an elite CF, had a really good series in Philly and is a viable option to play 75-80% of the games in Center. The team has recalled Michael Conforto from Las Vegas after  hitting .340 +  post demotion. How the playing time is doled out will be interesting as the Mets do not have an ideal centerfield option on the team. Hence the good feelings with Lagares. Make note that Brandon Nimmo(sent down to clear roster spot for Conforto) has experience in Center at the minor league level. Veteran Alejandro De Aza , having a tough year offensively, also figures into the Outfield mix.

July 14, 2016

Mets announce rotation to start 2nd half

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Mets Manager Terry Collins announced their starting rotation for the opening 5 games of the 2nd half of the season. All star Bartolo Colon will open the series in Philadelphia. Logan Verrett and Jacob DeGrom will follow vs the Phillies. Lefty Steven Matz opens the 2015 NLCS rematch in Chicago vs the Cubs  and All Star Noah Syndergaard will pitch game 2 in that vital series with Colon closing it out.

July 12, 2016

Midseason Awards , Commentary

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With the AL winning tonights MLB ASG, Lets hand out some Mets awards and look forward to the 2nd half.

Team MVP: Yoenis Cespedes— no further explanation needed. This is an average offense with him, without him, it is offensively average.

Team CY Young: Jeurys Familia- been perfect all season and pitched out of some messes. One of the elite closers in the game. Good teammate too.

Team MVP 2: Trainer Ray Ramirez- The team has been battling injuries in all areas all season and this guy needs a break. Pitchers, outfielders, Infielders, catchers, heck,even Terry Collins.

Underrated: Team defense. Offseason additions Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera give the Mets their best middle infield defense since the Ordonez- Alfonso tandem of the late 90s. Good sticks  and locker room guys as well, Walker with kids-fans and Cabrera adds flavor in the dugout. James Loney has been as advertised at 1B, slick fielder.

Good: This team hits homers, pitches and catches the ball. Think Earl Weaver late 60-s-early 70s Orioles teams. The Mets also own the Chicago Cubs.

Bad: With the season ending injury to Matt Harvey, injury scares to both Steven Matz and Noah Syndergaard turns a perceived strength into a potential weakness. Mets fans need to go to church and thank god for Bartolo Colon.

Ugly: Losing, games, series, etc to an awful Atlanta Braves team is a disgrace. Makes me nuts. Daniel “I am sorry” Murphy hitting Mets pitching and ANY Mets batter hitting with runners in scoring position. The last 10 days or so vs the Nationals, a team I KNOW this team can beat, has made me crazy. That team is not that good!!!!! And… Chase Utley.

Nice but too nice: Syndergaard throwing at Utley and MISSING him. Right idea, bad execution. HIT HIM. Mets fans do not care about winning, they care about hurting him. Yes, what he did is that bad. Mets beat Dodgers when it counted. Now hurt him. Like he hurt a Met. With a cheap play that the sport banned and rewrote rules for.


Commentary: The 1st half of the 2016 season has been both thrilling and taxing. The Mets pitching is so good they are in almost every game. With the recent additions of Kelly Johnson and Jose Reyes, the team has enough quality infielders to offset the serious injuries to both David Wright and Lucas Duda. A key heading forward is some combination of Juan Lagares, Brandon Nimmo and Michael Conforto must turn it around to give NY a good 3rd and/or 4th Outfielder. The team needs  another reliever to help Addison Reed and lefty specialist Jerry Blevins in the important set up role in front of Familia. I like Logan Verrett but view him as a spot starter-fill in guy. The Mets could  use another low end, low risk starting pitcher to give them depth until Zack Wheeler is back. Which is not a certainty. I like the potential of this team heading into the 2nd half but I also prioritize the health of the young arms and the Mets need to balance that with the drive to win. In other words, do not push and injure these pitchers when you do think you can win it all. No team has had a group of arms at this age at the same time in the history of baseball.




July 9, 2016

Yoenis and Thor out of All Star Game with injuries, Bart added to the NL roster

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The Mets got some great All Star Game news Friday when veteran pitcher Bartolo Colon, a HUGE fan favorite, was selected to join the National League team by NY and NL skipper Terry Collins. Bart supplies comedy and good humor to fans but also can pitch, works hard and competes. Underrated veteran component on this club. The good feeling did not carry into the game Friday night as both the Mets top player and pitcher went down with injuries. OF Yoenis Cespedes strained his quad and Starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard left early with a tired arm. Both are out of the remaining games in the 1st half and the All Star game but should be OK heading forward. #52 missed 5 games in 2015 with a similar injury and will rest during the All Star break. Thor will make the trip and throw in San Diego before the team determines when he will pitch. The elbow that flared up within the last 10 days to 2 weeks was a non issue per Noah and Collins.  Both players would have started this game as Yoenis was voted in and Noah was a good bet to open the game on the mound. Heath is science and science can be unpredictable but the Mets appear to have dodged a major bullet with their two stars.

July 8, 2016

Harvey to undergo season ending Surgery

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The troubling and injury plagued season of starting pitcher Matt Harvey has officially ended with a release from his agent Scott Boras stating he would undergo surgery to repair the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome he is dealing with in his right shoulder. The highly controversial righty has had an awful season with up and down performances and this move is probably best for both Matt and the Mets. I am not a Harvey guy but will stay away from the personal attacks UNLESS Boras and his camp fuel the fire with leaks and misinformation. Which as already started as we have the he could not feel his fingers BS stories coming out. We have heard nothing but he was healthy all year. I am waiting on the Mets caused this because Matt pitched too much last year. I have been thoroughly consistent with my stance on Matt Harvey for almost a year: He is team killing cancer who needs to be moved and cleansed from the Mets locker room. He cares about getting paid and himself only not the Mets and winning. I say this with all sincerity, this team will be better off without him. Think Addition by subtraction, a reverse David Wright.

July 7, 2016

Harvey Update

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Today’s doctors visit in St Louis confirmed that Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey is suffering from Thoracic Outlet syndrome and is now in the decision making process phase of treatment. He can have season ending surgery or have an injection that can help him pitch to complete the year. Surgery is more than likely inevitable either way. The Mets and Harvey will make decide after the next couple of days. I vote and believe that #33 should have the operation now. I am not a fan of Matt and his “show” but I think the last 15-18 months have taken a toll on him mentally and physically. He needs a break and this surgery gives him hope. I think a lot of the demise of the Dark Knight is noise and talk. This procedure ends that. For 6 months. The Mets will start Logan Verrett in his place and this is an opportunity the popular swing man to shine.

July 6, 2016

Breaking News: Harvey(Right shoulder) to DL

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Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey was placed on the 15 day DL postgame Wednesday with right shoulder discomfort and is seeing a vascular specialist in St. Louis Thursday. The team is concerned that #33 could be suffering from Thoracic Outlet syndrome, which is basically a blockage of either blood vessels or nerves between the neck and armpit. Obviously this would greatly impact a major league pitcher and explain a lot of Harvey’s 2016 struggles. The Mets and Matt will get a lot of answers after today’s meeting with the renowned Dr. Robert Thompson. I will update this story as more information becomes available.

July 5, 2016

3 selected for the All Star Game

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The defending National League Champion New York Mets  had 3 players announced for next weeks major league All Star Game. OF Yoenis Cespedes was voted in by the fans while Pitchers Noah Syndergaard and Jeurys Familia were picked by the managers-players. All 3 deserve to go and interesting fact from tonight’s SNY broadcast(Thank you, Gary and Ron): 4 of the Mets 5 starting pitchers have been All Stars. Only Steven Matz has not gone(He will)- Bartolo Colon, Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom have also appeared in the midseason classic. Always good to see your team have strong representation in this game. #LGM

July 4, 2016

Mets rally from 6-0 deficit as Reyes sets to return, Commentary

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The New York   Mets rallied from a 6-0 deficit 4th inning deficit to defeat the Miami Marlins 8-6. The entire lineup battled and put together great at bats, this was not the usual Homer Happy Mets. They did hit two homers but they used outs to advance runners, worked counts and competed. This was a good sign overall and I sense a tremendous upturn in the club. Let it be noted that the team has not lost a game with Captain David Wright in the building. #5 cannot play or even be in the dugout but he is a HUGE part of this ball club. The recent return of Juan Lagares(Thumb) and a healed Curtis Granderson(Quad) gives this team a nice Outfield rotation and this is with Michael Conforto in Las Vegas! C Travis d’Arnaud has also started to heat up and puts together quality plate appearances each AB. He is also decent with the pitchers. LOL. Postgame, the team announced former Met star Jose Reyes is enroute to NY and will be activated prior to Tuesday’s game. The sad thing? A good player will be sent down to the minors or released. This shows how good this Mets team is.

COMMENTARY: Not all the news from Monday’s game was positive. Matt Harvey was bad again. He has that defeated Matt Harvey look to him. He looks lost and confused at times and I am on record saying he should be in Las Vegas. Not for a vacation. To regain his confidence and swagger. My disdain for this guy has been well documented. I want him gone, wanted him gone and view him as a bad guy and teammate. He is also a potential trade ass-et(Pun intended) and his struggles do not aid him or the Mets. Half the time he pitches, he looks like a gun fighter minus ammo. This guy used to pitch with a presence and attitude. He was the man. Now he looks and acts like a boy and boys go to Summer Camp. Send him to Vegas, Mets. For Harvey, for your team. This is a positive environment and 75% of the negative vibes are from #33. Remove him. Like Terry Collins did today in the 4th inning.

Sunday slaughter completes sweep of Cubs as Mets offense comes alive

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The New York Mets picked a great time to play the best series of the 2016 season and The defending National League champs swept the NL leading Chicago Cubs in a 4 game series by a combined score of 32-11. Sundays game was the highlight as the team hit 5 home runs and scored 7 runs in the 2nd to chase Cubs ace Jon Lester in a 14-3 win. 3B Wilmer Flores became the 2nd Met in franchise history to collect 6 hits and he also hit 2 home runs. I was very concerned about this team as it trailed in the opener early 3-0 before Yoenis Cespedes hit a ball to Pluto for the farthest home run in Citi Field. #52’s blast landed in the 3rd deck and went an estimated 475 feet.  The minute that ball “landed”, the Mets dominated. The Pitchers pitched like the Mets pitch- GREAT. But the offense was not the typical homer happy approach(Until Sunday!!!) as rookie call up Brandon Nimmo, C Travis d’Arnaud and 1B James Loney all stepped up in the sweep. Season long stand outs- 2B Neil Walker and SS Asdrubal Cabrera- also chipped in and do not forget recent trade add Kelly Johnson, who adds so much off and on the field. The key now is the Mets sustaining this approach and play over the final 81 games of the year. As a point of reference, NY stood at 41-40 in 2015. Today? 44-37.

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