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May 30, 2016

Harvey steps up HUGE, Captain Update, Commentary:86 Mets

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Matt Harvey pitched easily the best game of his season Monday after being awful over his last 3 starts(10+ ERA) and lead the New York Mets to a 1-0 win over the Chicago White Sox. #33 looked like his pre-2016 self with 98 MPH stuff and the mound presence and I am the man personality that made him the talk of the town and major league baseball. He allowed 2 hits over 7 and after a rough weekend series vs the interdivision rival Los Angeles Dodgers gave some of the beat up members of the pen a day off. More importantly, Matt Harvey looked and sounded like Matt Harvey during and after the game. The Mets need this and Matt needs the Mets. Anyone who reads this blog knows I am not the president of the #33 fan club and never will be. But we have a business relationship at this point and it is based on him being a good employee to the team. He was today and this was a big step for both Matt and the Mets. Lets hope it continues.

Mets Mash: Not all good news from Citi Field Monday. Captain David Wright missed his 3rd straight game with neck pain and the 3rd Baseman disclosed postgame he is suffering from a herniated disc in his neck and will have a better idea about where he is after seeing specialists Tuesday. A stint on the DL for #5 remains a probable option and with the return today of Wilmer Flores and addition of 1B James Loney, the Mets have some options in the infield. However, the team has to be concerned about long term health of Wright, who is as tough as they come. The man famously played for weeks with a broken back on team headed no where. Cruel world we live in when a guy who represents everything good about people and sports stays with a team that rebuilds around him then sees his body fail him when the roster matches his ability.

1986 Mets: With the weekend celebration of 1986 World Champions, I wanted to talk about this group. I became a fan of the Mets via my Father ,Jim Flannelly. My parents divorced when I was 8 and my Dad moved around a lot due to his job. He settled in the greater NYC area and we started going to Mets games in 1983. Both being native New Englanders, you have a better chance of seeing us at a KGB recruiting station than in the Bronx. Midway thru the season, the team added a super star in 1B Keith Hernandez and called up RF Darryl Strawberry. They had some promising players -mostly pitchers- on the come- Dwight Gooden, Ron Darling, Len Dykstra and Roger McDowell. The major league team had some decent pieces too-OF Mookie Wilson, 2B Wally Backman and Ps Ed Lynch, Doug Sisk and Jesse Orosco. They added a veteran 3B in Ray Knight. The future was bright. In 84, they stepped up huge and new skipper Davey Johnson was a big reason why. Only a brilliant season by a veteran Chicago Cubs team prevented the Mets from making the playoffs.

GM Frank Cashen saw how good this team was , adding a vital piece when he traded for C Gary Carter, a future Hall of Fame Catcher, in the winter.  The team battled again in 85 and lost the division in the final week of the season vs the St Louis Cardinals.  Gooden became the best pitcher in the sport and Darling slotted in as a ideal #2. Howard Johnson teamed up with Knight and SS Rafael Santana to mix and match in the infield. Hernandez-Carter-Strawberry became a potent 3-4-5 middle of the order that also went lefty, righty, lefty and the heavy lifting was done.   Young pitchers like Sid Fernandez and Rick Aguilera showed they belonged in Flushing full time and internal improvements had this team looking strong for 86. Cashen was again busy during the winter and added smaller pieces than Hernandez and Carter but still huge in LHP Bobby Ojeda and 2B Tim Teufel. 1986 would be different.

The 86 Mets had it all. They won 108 regular season games- They had 4 –FOUR- 4 bench clearing brawls. They even won those. They led the majors in curtain calls after big homers and made the opposition nuts. The #1 thing I take from that team is EVERYONE on that team contributed. EVERYONE. And they NEVER gave up. Dykstra became a top lead off man and Kevin Mitchell could play any position and be effective. Former Met Lee Mazzilli was brought back and gave them another great pinch hitter to pair with Danny Heep. I could go on and on. This current Mets team reminds me a lot of that group in that everyone has a role and does it. Time and time again, the 86 Mets battled- the two playoff series they won- vs the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox- give you some of the greatest baseball games of all time. And today, Mets fans get to see 3 members of the 86 team almost nightly- at 3rd base coaching the Mets(Teufel #11) and in the TV broadcast booth(Keith #17 and Ron #12). I think that is pretty cool. And the 86 Mets where pretty cool to watch. Thanks, guys. #LGM



May 29, 2016

Utley:UGH, Team acquires James Loney, Updates on Wright, Flores

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The New York Mets finally threw at Chase Utley Saturday night and he spent the rest of the evening hitting balls over the fence. Utley famously broke the leg of NY shortstop Rueben Tejada’s leg with a dirty, late and cheap slide in game 2 of the 2015 ALDS and Mets fans have been screaming for retaliation for over a year. Well, Noah Syndergaard threw a pitch directly behind Utley in the 3rd inning and was promptly ejected without warning. Mets skipper Terry Collins, as mad as you will see him, came out and was promptly sent to the showers with Thor. To magnify things, Utley then homered in his next 2 at bats and drove in 5 runs.  Amazing how this sport changes a rule and knows what Utley did was awful yet the Mets try to exact revenge and get punished more than #26 does. Great sport. Utley is a great, great player who kills the Mets but he is also dirty player who needs to be held accountable for how he plays. The Mets should throw out him til he does not get up. And then throw at him again. Hit him tonight, Bartolo.

Mets notes: The Mets made a minor trade Saturday that could turn out to be major as they acquired 1B James Loney from San Diego Padres for cash. Loney, an excellent defender and contact hitter, has hit .285 over his 9 year + career and bats left handed. He will platoon with Wilmer Flores at 1B while Lucas Duda(Back) heals and rehabs….. Captain David Wright(Back) was out Saturday with a sore neck and the team is having this issue examined by doctors over the next 24 hrs. #5 has homered in 3 straight contests… Flores(Hamstring) is set to rejoin the team and was traveling to NY Sunday after completing his rehab assignment Saturday… Larger column coming but awesome to see the 1986 World Champion Mets team being honored over the entire weekend. Anyone who watches the TV broadcasts gets a dose of Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez nightly but getting the best team in franchise history together is always a good thing.

May 26, 2016

Commentary: NY Matts

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The New York Mets have not learned and continue to make the same mistake over and over again. They trust Matt Harvey. The problem is Matt Harvey doesn-t even trust himself anymore. And it is written all over his face. David Wright, the team’s unquestioned leader, has publicly stated he needs to learn to face the music when times are good AND bad. Not allow his manager, rookie catcher Kevin Plawecki and teammates to answer for his lousy outing.  More importantly, the Mets need to stop treating this guy like he is Tom Seaver. He was great. For about a year. From his call up in 2012 to when he was injured in 2nd half of 2013. Other than that, he was good. In 2015. Now? He has been awful. 6.08 ERA. He asks for and receives special treatment. Where was the outrage over the other 3 kid pitchers innings limits in 2015? He is only Member of the Mets who is allowed to stink and stay with the big club. He belongs in Las Vegas and is hurting the team. But the Team is more concerned about Matt Harvey’s feelings and psyche. That concerns me and should concern Mets fans everywhere. Being a bad teammate, guy and player is a bad combo. Notice how nobody is talking about Curtis Granderson hitting under .200? Why? Great person. Proven track record. #33 also is developing a track record and it is not good. Neither is Matt Harvey right now and that is bad for the New York Mets.

May 24, 2016

Harvey Hammered AGAIN and Commentary

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Matt Harvey’s big test came back an F Tuesday as the Washington Nationals pummeled him again for the 2nd time in a week for 5 runs in 5 innings(3 Home runs) and his status for his next start is now in play.  Even Terry Collins- the President of the Matt Harvey fan club- sees that this guy is not right right now and he is not a major league pitcher. Let alone one on a team that is trying to win the World Series. He has zero confidence and mound presence and his starts are becoming embarrassing. As a long time Mets fan, this whole Dark Knight nonsense is an energy drain. Matt did this, Matt did that,etc. Matt could not get  Little Leaguers out today. It is May 24. His ERA is 6.08. If his name was Harvey Matt, he would be in the minors. Part of #33’s problem is he brings a lot of this on himself. He made a stink about his pitch totals, the 6 man rotation, etc last season. He famously campaigned to finish Game 5 of the World Series. The Mets need to take charge and be the Boss of Matt Harvey, not the other way around. Like major league hitters are his boss now. He is hurting the team and himself. Unless he is injured , send him to Las Vegas. Wally Backman and Frank Viola are tremendous attitude adjustment coaches.

COMMENTARY:Finally, My feelings and stance on Matt Harvey has not changed since he pulled the innings limit BS with the team late in 2015. I think he is a team killing ass. He was a talented ass before this season. I can tolerate that. And this is a good no great locker room with a mix of vets and younger players that works. But this guy has a lot of A Rod in him. 24 men plus 1. Its always about Matt. And I want to thank Matt for validating everything I have written about him with his behavior AFTER he got his head handed to him AGAIN last night. Captain tough guy, The Dark Knight,the man who started an All Star Game at Citi Field, plunked Chase Utley for being Chase Utley,etc dressed and did not face reporters post game. Instead, he left his catcher Kevin Plawecki- with 1 year in the majors- to answer for his failures. If I was on this current Mets team, #33 and I would have had a fist fight last night. You can be a lot of things but being a lousy teammate is not one of the them. And that is the bigger crime than being a crappy pitcher. Matt Harvey is both.

May 23, 2016

Duda down: Back injury shelves 1B 4-6 weeks

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The New York Mets lost 1B Lucas Duda Monday for at least 4-6 weeks due to a stress fracture in his lower back. The Mets have several internal options and can mix and match while their power hitter heals. Rookie Ty Kelly, an 8 season 27 yr old minor leaguer, has been called up and was leading all of minor league baseball with a .391 average and .478 On base. He is a super utility guy and gives Mets skipper Terry Collins another bench option.  As a point of reference,  Captain David Wright missed 58 games in 2011 with a similiar injury.  Eric Campbell played 1B Monday and Wilmer Flores will also get some work at the spot when he returns from his rehab assignment later this week. Wright and LF Michael Conforto’ s names have also been mentioned. Do not minimize this, this is a hit for a team trying to win the World Series.

May 22, 2016

Major health scare for Duda, Harvey-rotation update

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The New York Mets await a follow up exam on slugging 1B Lucas Duda and his ailing back Monday and whether this is a short or long term issue could go a long way in determining the teams course of action. Team orthopedist Dr David Altcheck will provide a 2nd opinion before the Mets release a statement but Manager Terry Collins did not paint a pretty picture postgame Sunday.  The team would be wise to look at several internal options regardless of the outcome for now and here are just  a few of the top of my head: Eric Campbell and Wilmer Flores(in rehab stint this week, back by end of the week) if the reports are good, 10 days to 2 week type thing. Keith Hernandez is not coming down from the booth. These two are super subs and can hit a bit while providing solid D. If this is a month or longer, I would move Michael Conforto to First and put Juan Lagares in Center 75-80% of the time. This makes you better defensively in the outfield with a gold glove in Center and Left(Yoenis Cespedes is an excellent LF). Another idea is giving some work to David Wright at 1B. This should be easier on his back and shoulder and both Campbell and Flores can play 3B. I did not even explore the trade market but you I have painted the picture here: the Mets have options for the loss of Duda.

Mets Notes: Matt Harvey will start Tuesday vs the Nationals after they beat him from pillar to post last week with the hope that his professional pride will kick in and he will step up. My feelings on this guy are well established but right now, the team needs him to right himself and perform. Jacob deGrom is not 100% stuff wise but goes out and pitches effectively and competes. #33 should watch, learn and execute. Bartolo Colon and Steven Matz will pitch the other 2 games in Washington in the 1st road series between these teams since the Mets went in and took over the Division lead in September of Last year with many late rallies and home runs.

May 19, 2016

MESS:Matt Harvey

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The Mets and their former ace Matt Harvey got their asses kicked Thursday night by the Washington Nationals 9-1 to lose 2 of 3 in the first season series . The Mets are not hitting and they  made some errors in the 3rd but the story tonight was the shelling of Harvey(9 runs in less than 3 innings). Listen, anyone who reads this blog or talks to me knows I am not a Matt Harvey guy. He is about himself and about his next contract not this team or winning. But this was hard to watch tonight. He had no answer and looked shot mentally. He literally looked like a lost soul on the mound. Matt Harvey. The Dark Knight. With zero confidence. With zero hope. Mets Manager Terry Collins, a big Harvey guy, also seemed short of answers postgame sighting everything from his spring training health scare to last years inning totals. Again, he claims this is not a physical thing but more about execution and belief. Listen, Harvey and his representatives did not handle the Mets sudden success well last year but he did pitch innings totals way above expectations and you have to wonder if that bill is now due. This was tough to watch as a Mets fan. #33 will never be invited over for Xmas dinner at the Flannelly household but my expectation for him is to be a good major league pitcher. Right now, you have to wonder if he is better suited for a visit to Las Vegas or the DL. Looks like a shot fighter.

May 16, 2016

No ligament damage for Matz

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Good news on the Steven Matz front after a medical exam Monday in New York. No ligament damage and he should be ok heading forward, according to various media reports. The talented lefty and team should provide an update Tuesday and he could rejoin the rotation this weekend. VERY good news for both the Mets and Matz, who has been held back by health issues for most of his career.

The 1st bad stretch of the season

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The New York Mets just ended a 17 game in 17 day schedule segment and a 11 game 3 city West Coast trip 4-7. The pitching has remained strong even minus Steven Matz(elbow) and with Matt Harvey struggling while the offense- overly reliant on the long ball- has been hit and miss. Michael Conforto, Curtis Granderson and David Wright have all gone cold and are not drawing walks. A positive? Catcher Kevin Plawecki has really stepped up offensively and looks like someone who could be an everyday option behind the plate. I am not overly concerned. This is a good baseball team and over 162, EVERY team has rough patches and slumps. My major negative of the week has nothing to do with wins or loses. It is about the lack of someone- ANYONE- on this roster hitting Chase Utley with a baseball. That guy injured a Mets player with a dirty,late slide that MLB reviewed and put in a rule to prevent more injuries from similiar plays . The Mets job  now is to increase injury totals by 1 name– Chase Utley. That guys needs to pay and pay dearly. The Mets look soft and will until they drop this guy. I hope the team took notice of what the Texas Rangers did Sunday. Learn, remember, respond.

May 12, 2016


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Almost half way thru May and the Mets injury and injury list is starting to grow. Super utility infielder Wilmer Flores(Hamstring strain) has been placed on the DL and LHP Steven Matz(elbow) will skip a start due to soreness. The team is being cautious with all of their young starters and the southpaw has the worst injury history of any of their prized arms. Logan Verrett, an invaluable member of this team, will take his next start and the team will redetermine Matz’ status from there. He reportedly felt 100% better today and I am not overly concerned, both team and pitcher have learned for last seasons Lat muscle fiasco and are being smart. Meanwhile, 3B and team captain David Wright(Back) is battling a creaky shoulder and Noah Syndergaard recently got his elbow tested out between starts. He should get it tested more often, he was throwing 100 in the 8th and hit 2 home runs while driving in 4 in Wednesday nights win.

May 9, 2016

Bart Blast shows two key elements to Mets success

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Anyone who watches the New York Mets knows how popular rotund veteran pitcher Bartolo Colon is with fans, teammates and broadcasters. When the 42 yr old hit his 1st major league home run Saturday night in San Diego #40 broke the internet and led off sportscasts nation wide. But more importantly it showed two key elements to why this team has become one of the better squads in MLB: The players genuinely like and support each other. Pitchers, position players, staff all celebrated like THEY hit that ball over the wall in Left. That counts for something. Baseball wise, the guys have bought in and work. Last year, assistant hitting coach Pat Roessler and skipper Terry Collins made it a point of emphasis for the pitchers to improve offensively.  The pitchers worked, showed up early for batting practice and saw results. Colon, a notoriously bad hitter, had  a career high 7 hits. Matt Harvey and Noah Syndergaard hit home runs while Jacob de Grom and Steven Matz continued to be good sticks. First thing I thought of when the ball landed in the 2nd deck was the hard work Bartolo and his teammates put into this thing. As someone who prides himself on being a grinder, very cool to see.

May 7, 2016

2016 Mets resemble classic AL team

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One of the really cool things about being a Mets fan is the quality of the radio and television broadcasts. We have Gary and Josh on WWOR radio  and Gary, Keith and Ron on SNY and WPIX, and I never miss a game. The TV guys made an excellent point the other night in regards to the current Mets team being a set, everyday lineup- in other words, a classic American League team. This team has 8 set players and the only one who get regular days off is 3B-captain David Wright(Spinal condition) . Wilmer Flores is a super sub in the infield and Juan Lagares and Alejandro De Aza are excellent 4th and 5th Outfielders.  The Catching spot is influx w Travis d’Arnaud hurt and not close to returning but this is a set team that relies heavily on power and pitching. The team has scored more than half its runs via home runs. However, this team has played in some odd and bad weather and I believe more 2 out hitting and doubles will occur when it heats up.  Think Earl Weaver’s late 60s-70s Baltimore Orioles. Also some 86 Mets to them as well.

May 1, 2016

Improved Double Play combo key in 1st Month

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The defending National League Champion New York Mets closed out April 15-7 and are one of the hottest teams in baseball. Many factors ranging from overall pitching and power are cited as causes but one of the more under appreciated and reported is the all new double play unit of SS Asdrubal Cabrera and 2B Neil Walker. Cabrera FINALLY gives the Mets an everyday option at a spot that has become an albatross since Jose Reyes left town. He makes routine plays, has better range than people think and is a solid major league bat. Meanwhile, trade acquisition Neil Walker is competing with red hot rookie Michael Conforto for the Mayor of New York. A pro’s pro who is viewed as an offensive equal and defensive upgrade to former Mets INF Daniel Murphy, Walker ended April with career month high of 9 home runs and has been steady Eddie defensively.  Both of these players can hit all over the batting order and help give Manager Terry Collins and the Mets  their best infield since 2006.

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