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February 26, 2014

This Bloggers One Major Mets worry….

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As most of my readers can attest, I am pretty honest when it comes to my assessments on the Mets-players, management,etc- when I don’t like something or someone I say it. I have liked- no LOVED- the offseason moves and think this team is headed in the right direction. But the shortstop position- aka Ruben Tejada- scares me to death. I do not ask for much- show up on time, ready to play, compete and be a good teammate- well Ruben was 1 for 4 last year and the team banished him to Triple A Las Vegas for most of the season. I am supposed to be excited about having this guy my SS on opening day? I would not sign Stephen Drew(Money, Boras, Why are the Red Sox not signing him?,etc) but I would take a long look at Wilmer Flores at the spot and/or sign or trade for a major leaguer at that spot. Nick Franklin- a man without a position in Seattle- has been rumored. I am not asking for Cal Rikpken Jr Here but I am also looking a pro who does not place the Mets last at OPS at the position. I know Christmas was almost 2 months ago but please Santa Sandy!

February 19, 2014

Important dates for the 3 Veteran arms

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Wanted to update my previous post regarding the 3 veteran pitchers the Mets signed to minor league deals. Both relievers- Kyle Farnsworth(March 23) and Jose Valverde(March 26th) have dates to make the major league roster or they can become free agents. Meanwhile, starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka must be on the Mets by May 30th or he can also opt out of his deal. In English, the relievers have more of a sense of urgency because they are fighting for contracts in camp while Dice K is viewed as more of an insurance type signing who can use Spring Training to build up arm strength and progress slowly. In this bloggers opinion, two of these 3 will make the Mets when they break camp for the 2014 season.

February 16, 2014

Mets sign 3 Veteran pitchers to minor league deals

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You can never have enough pitching and Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson has added 3 proven vets in the past 2 weeks to minor league deals. Daisuke Matsuzaka(53-40,4.52 ERA thru 8 yrs)and relievers Kyle Farnsworth(43-63,4.26 in 15+ yrs ) and Jose Valverde(26-32,3.19 over 11 seasons) are in camp and have little guaranteed money yet upside. Matsuzaka(1.5 million if he makes ML roster) closed out the 2013 season with NY and made 7 starts(3-3,4.42) while Farnsworth(1.5 mill as well) and Valverde(1.0 mill) can earn more money with appearances and games finished incentives. As example, 75K for 40,45,50 and 55 appearances. 100K for 30 and 35 games finished, 250k for 40 and 45 and 300K for 50. Valverde has 286 career saves and Farnsworth 54 while serving in high leverage hold type situations in the 7th and 8th innings. These type of signings are low risk,high reward- think Marlon Byrd- and give the Mets options and the ability to not rush their promising minor league arms.

February 7, 2014

RIP Ralph Kiner

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The New York Mets and baseball lost a larger than life figure Thursday February 6th with the passing of Ralph Kiner at the age of 91. A Hall of Fame Outfielder-1B who led the majors in home runs a record 7 consecutive years(Think about that stat!), he was part of great Mets broadcasting core from the franchises inception in 1962. Kiner, Lindsay Nelson and Bob Murphy were both the voices and faces of the Mets and Ralph hosted the popular Kiner’s Korner post game show on TV, one of the first of its kind in baseball. Kiner was my introduction to Mets baseball in the early 80s and millions of fans can make the same claim. This man brought a lot to the table, having seen Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb play while competing against Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron and Stan Musial on the field. Kiner was relegated to spot duty in 2006 and would often join Gary(Cohen), Keith(Hernandez) and Ron(Darling) on SNY broadcasts during the season. A Hall of Fame player but better man who will be missed by all who watched or listened. RIP, Ralph.

February 2, 2014

My Everyday lineup with Batting Order

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Number one thing with this team is unless he hits .150, Juan Lagares plays 145-150 games in Centerfield. You put him between Curtis Granderson(LeftField) and Chris Young(RightField) in Citi Field plus other cavernous ballparks(See The Miami Marlins stadium) you will save runs and add wins. This lineup will not be the 1975 Cincinnati Reds but will score enough to win if we catch the ball. The 2013 Mets played markedly better when the Eric Young Jr. trade went thru. What did he bring? Athleticism— speed and defense!!!!! Lagares will impact this team on a daily basis, game to game. I don’t care who plays 1B- My vote would be Keith Hernandez- but Mets management prefers Lucas Duda over Ike Davis for a number of reasons ranging from approach(Duda is good OBP player), salary and fan reaction to Ike’s struggles. Lets be frank here, neither resembles Lou Gehrig. However, the team can win with solid production out of this spot. The Mets have had a great offseason and this position should not hurt the team if others put up numbers their baseball card says they should.

Batting Order

1- CF Lagares-RH
2- 2B Daniel Murphy-LH
3- 3B David Wright-RH
4- LF Granderson-LH
5- RF Young-RH
6- 1B Duda-Davis-LHs
7 C Travis d’Arnaud-RH
8- SS Ruben Tejada-RH
9- Pitcher

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