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January 26, 2010

Busy day

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Lots of news around MLB today and some signings that could potential impact the 2010 New York Mets.

1- Free agent starting pitchers Ben Sheets and Jon Garland are now signed with Sheets joining the Oakland A’s(1 yr/10 million) and Garland tossing for the San Diego Padres(1 yr/4.7 mill). Both were believed to be options for the Mets but many reports have NY not making offers to either. The club is believed to be very interested in future Hall of Famer John Smoltz.

2- Ace lefty Johan Santana threw a 25 pitch bullpen session and felt great.  Recovering from offseason elbow surgery, He plans to use 5 spring starts to build up to 90 pitches to open the 2010 campaign.  The southpaw hopes to pitch in a game during the week 2 of spring training,

3- Chad Tracy and Jim Thome, potential options at 1B, signed with the Chicago Cubs and Minnesota Twins.  Mets might still bring back veteran 1B Carlos Delgado to split time with Daniel Murphy.

Bloggers Opinion: Jon Garland needs to fire his agent and hire Sheets’! Sheets, who has a tremendous arm, has battled injury since 2005 and missed all of the 2009. He started a high of 31 games in that period during 2008 while a low of 17 in 2006.  Garland has been a picture of consistency, starting the following amount of games since 2002: 33,32,33,32,32,32,32 and 33. His innings pitched totals were between 191.2 and 221 in that span. He is durable and dependable, two words that have rarely been associated with Sheets’! Padres got a great deal here while the A’s took a major risk. The Mets clearly are looking to go with what they have out of the rotation and might add a veteran arm.(Smoltz?) I would look at Pedro Martinez as well. The rotation would like this if the season started today: Santana, Mike Pelfrey, John Maine, Oliver Perez and Jon Niese or Fernando Nieve.

As far as 1B goes, I would sign Ryan Garko to platoon with Murphy at 1B. He is a pro bat and with the health issues surrounding CF Carlos Beltran, this team needs to be stronger offensively. They need 20 homers and around 90 rbi out of that spot.

January 22, 2010

Mets acquire Gary Matthews, Jr.

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The Mets have added an insurance policy for injured CF Carlos Beltran, trading RH RP Brian Stokes for OF Gary Matthews, JR from the Los Angeles Angels. The switch hitting OF, hit .250 with 4 home runs and 50 rbi in 103 games in 2009, while playing 80 starts in the field. He played 46 in CF, while hitting .358 with runners in scoring position. Matthews also posted a .395 clip wtih 2 outs and RISP as well. However, Matthews has been a disappointment after signing a large free agent deal in 2007,totaling 30 home runs in 3 years after posting a career high  19 for the Texas Rangers in 06. The club added Torii Hunter to play Center in 2009, making Gary a part time player at best. Los Angeles will pay 21.5 million of his 23.5 salary over the next 2 seasons, NY will pay the difference.

Bloggers Opinion:

Good move for NY. The club needs insurance for Beltran and this also allows them flexibility with Angel Pagan as well . And The Angels are paying for most of the deal. Negatives? You have to wonder how serious Beltran’s knee is with this move. Team has an ideal 4th OF now and added Matthews. Is this a season long issue?

January 19, 2010

BREAKING METS NEWS: Reports:Molina back to SF, Delgado to Toronto

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Mets top free agent C target Bengie Molina has reportedly re-upped with the San Francisco Giants for 1 yr at 4.5 million.  Look for New York to sign another veteran FA C(Rod Barajas?) 1B Carlos Delgado looks to be an ex Met as he signed with The Toronto Blue Jays, his original ML club.

Weekly Update: Beltran,Molina, Arbitration signings

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Hot Stove Update:

1- Nothing more to add on the Carlos Beltran mess, which is essentially a silly pissing contest between the organization and Beltran’s representatives(Scott Boras’ and his cast of thousands). The key here is getting #15 back and healthy, he is an amazing player and without him, the Mets are not half the club they could be. This is easily the best OF New York has put out in years POTENTIALLY. That said, thank god we have Angel Pagan to fill in until Beltran is ready, a great asset as a 4th OF.

2- According to ace ESPN MLB reporter Buster Olney, free agent C Bengie Molina turned down the Mets most recent offer(Reportedly 1 years/6 million). The Mets are believed to be avoiding guaranteeing 2 years on the veteran, keeping in mind uber prospect Josh Thole is not far away from major league ready.  This is a good move and lets be honest here, where does Molina have a bidder? Look at the big market clubs- Dodgers have Russell Martin, Angels play a tandem of Mike Napoli and Jeff Mathis while the Braves feature Brian McCann.  Slim pickings among the AL super powers as well as The Boston Red Sox split captain Jason Varitek and glorified DH Victor Martinez and our neighbors in the Bronx have veteran leader Jorge Posada, youngster Francisco Cervelli as well as hyped prospect Jesus Montero. You tell me what club will spend big money in this economy on a 35 year old back stop? GREAT not good move by the Mets here making him lower his demands. Good money has Bengie Molina as the opening day C for the 2010 New York Mets.

3-  The  uncertain  Molina situation has directed the Mets focus towards the free agent pitching market and their top target is SURPRISE Joel Pineiro. Lots of competition here with club s from both leagues interested. Mets are a good  bet to add a starter among the big 3 of Pineiro, Jon Garland and LH Doug Davis.

4- Mets came to agreement with their top 2 arbitration eligible platers Tuesday, avoiding the process. RF Jeff  Francoeur, acquired mid-season in one of GM Omar Minaya’s better trades, re-upped for 1 year at 5 million. Top LH set up man Pedro Feliciano, who broke his own club single season appearances record in 2009, signed a 1 yr deal for 2.9 million.

January 13, 2010

Breaking Mets News: Beltran has knee surgery, out 8-12 weeks

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In a shocking development, Mets superstar CF Carlos Beltran had surgery on his bad right knee Wednesday and will miss anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. Beltran, missed 81 games with a bone bruise in the knee, led NY with a .325 average while posting a .415 on base percentage. He added 10 homers and 48 rbi.  The Mets will hold a teleconference Thursday to provide an update.

UPDATE: Lots of reports from good sources such as Joel Sherman(NY Post), Kevin Burkhardt(SNY),etc that the Mets are not happy about this surgery and did not approve it. Mixed reports but something to keep an eye on.

January 12, 2010

Reports: Mets close to signing Molina

by @ 3:08 pm. Filed under 2009 Mets

Seperate internet reports have the Mets close to signing top free agent C Bengie Molina. ESPN believes the two sides will come to an agreement with the next 48-72 hours. claims Molina’s asking price has lowered and he would accept a two year deal.

Bloggers opinion: This would be another good move for the Mets. Good player and at a reasonable rate plus the years make sense with New York’s top catching prospect Josh Thole not far away from the majors,

January 5, 2010

Thoughts on Bay signing— remainder of the off-season

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As I have stated for the past couple of weeks,  I love the Mets signing of Jason Bay. This is a great move and let me tell you why.

1- He is a 25 homer-100 rbi Left fielder. Like the 2008 offseason, the Mets had a major need that GM Omar Minaya filled.(Closer in ’08) Line-up and fit wise, this is perfect.

2- Bay thrived in Boston. He can handle pressure. Listen, I am Boston born and breed, Playing Left Field for the Red Sox is the equivalent of manning Center for the Yankees. They had 3 Hall of Famers in the spot for 40 straight years, then Manny Ramirez for 7 more at the turn of the century. That is pressure and he put up a career year. A good sign for the fans at Citi-Field. (BTW- this was not a great Red Sox line-up- David Ortiz was terrible for 2 months, Mike Lowell was coming back from major injury and Jason Varitek is in severe decline. Bay carried this team at times)

3- Although Matt Holliday played well in St. Louis(13,55,.353, 1.023 OPS) he struggled tremendously in Oakland(11 homers,54 rbi, .286 batting average,.832 OPS in 346 AL at bats). He could not handle the American League and to me, that is a big deal when you compare the top two free agents on the market.

4- Financially, I think this deal makes sense for all involved. The Mets did not over pay and  Bay’s salary is almost exactly what he is worth. Even the years make sense. Good job by both the representatives for Bay and Minaya.

5- Like him or not, SS Jose Reyes is the key to the Mets. The straw that stirs the drink or Energizer bunny, he is vital to the success of this club. Bay played with Reyes in the minors and the two are said to have a good relationship. This cannot hurt.

6- Boston let him walk. For all of the media falling all over themselves to say how great Red Sox GM Theo Epstein is, his batting average on free agency is not great. Particularily, when it comes to his own. He let Johnny Damon, Orlando Cabrera and Derek Lowe walk. Bay is about to top all of them with a strong showing at Citifield.

7- I covered this guy while he was on the Pirates. He is a good outfielder, plays hard and is a great locker room guy. When u watch him everyday, you will appreciate him more. How sold on him is this blogger? I picked him to win the AL MVP last year!

Other thoughts on the Mets-

1- Looks like the Mets are looking at 3 things- inning eating starting pitchers, a starting C and veteran option at 1B. Many reporters see NY avoiding injury prone risk-reward types(Ben Sheets, Erik Bedard) and targeting a Jon Garland, Joel Piniero or Doug Davis.

2- Lots of noise about bringing veteran 1b Carlos Delgado back. He is not seeking crazy  money and would make sense platooning with 2nd year man Daniel Murphy at 1B. I also like veteran Ryan Garko as an option.

3- Still think free agent C Bengie Molina ends up in Queens. Makes too much sense for all involved. Mets need to be careful to not go past 2 years with uber prospect Josh Thole close to ML ready.

4- Lots of noise on 2B Luis Castillo being moved. Latest has him going to Boston for veteran 3B Mike Lowell. Strange rumor, Mets have a 3b most people have heard off. Where would he play?

January 4, 2010

Bay passes physical, 11 am Press Conference Tuesday

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Highly sought after free agent OF Jason Bay passed his physical Monday in Manhattan and the Mets will announce his signing Tuesday. The club has called a 11 am Press Conference Tuesday at Citi field that will be aired live on the Mets flag ship station, SNY.  Bay’s deal is worth a reported 4 years at 66 million with a vesting option adding a 5th year putting the total at $80 milllion.

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Blogger’s opinion: Love this move for New York. Legit middle of the order bat who can split CF Carlos Beltran and franchise 3B David Wright in the lineup. Great locker room guy who thrived in the pressure cooker of Boston.(More on this Tuesday) I covered Bay while reporting on the Pirates in 2008 and he is a better OF than you think(Remember, we had a cast of 1000s in LF in 2009) and can run a bit as well(15-20 stolen bases). More work to be done but a great signing and the dollars are not that nuts either.

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