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October 29, 2009

World Series Game 2 review

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The New York Yankees rode a great outing from free agent signee A.J. Burnett, who tossed 7 dominant innings, leading them to a 3-1 win over the defending World Champion Philadelphia Phillies Thursday night in the Bronx. DH Hideki Matusi and 1B Mark Teixeira homered for the Yanks while DH Matt Stairs drove in the lone Philly run. Veteran Pedro Martinez was the hard luck loser for the World Champs, tossing allowing all 3 runs in 6 plus innings. Yankees closer Mariano Rivera threw the final 2 frames for the save.  The series, now tied at 1-1,  moves to Philadelphia for 3 games starting Saturday.

Game Notes:

1- Incredible performance by Burnett, a whipping boy of many including this blogger. Threw an amazing 22 first pitch strikes to 26 batters!

2- Although they won, I do not like the game managing of Yankees skipper Joe Girardi. The insane bunting of Derek Jeter in the 7th was one of the worst decisions I have seen in the game. The Captain has 4 hits in the series and you have Johnny Damon, Teixeira and A Rod to follow. Potential big inning was killed by this play and a double play from Damon on a liner. Girardi also will need his middle men later in his series and had a great opportunity to use them in the 8th, instead he went to Rivera for a 2 inning save against a National League team that has several key hitters who are not familiar with the Yankees stud closer. I know this is a must win game but Joe, you have more than 2 pitchers. Or does he?

3- The struggles of A-Rod. 0 for 8 wtih 6 strikeouts, looks completely lost and out of sync at the plate. If he does not start to hit and hit soon, this series will be over FAST. If the Yankees lose this series, A Rod might need to move to Mars. He will take all the blame and will start to hear the ” He is not a true Yankee” stuff again.

4- Another bad night for umpires in the majors. Blown call on a huge inning ending double play in the 8th as well as several bad ball and strikes calls. You might hear about instant replay a lot this off season.

5- Pedro Martinez pitched his butt off. I don’t always root for this guy. Like many ex stars of the Boston Red Sox, he has a sense of entitlement and comes off as arrogant but he had the Yanks off balance all night. Teixeira’s homer was crushed and would have left Yellowstone Park but Matsui’s bomb was product of the joke known as the new Yankee Stadium.

October 28, 2009

Game 1 thoughts

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Great, great night for the Philadelphia Phillies all around as Cliff Lee pitched a huge complete game while allowing no earned runs, helping the Phils take game 1 and homefield advantage from the New York Yankees, 6-1 Wednesday night at the New Yankee Stadium . Lee was backed by 2 home runs from superstar 2B Chase Utley and the talented lefty allowed only 6 hits while K-ing 10 and walking 1.  The Phillies added 4 runs in the final two frames vs the weak Yankees middle relief, led by OF Raul Ibanez(playing DH) 2 run single in the 8th.

General thoughts:

1- HUGE, HUGE win for the Phillies, who have now turned the pressure and burden of the Yankees season on … A.J. Burnett! Not a name that many Yankees fans have confidence in.

2- Pressure! The Yankees also will face a veteran pitcher who has been at war with them for years in Pedro Martinez, who faces zero pressure and expectations in this game. The last time an athlete   played in a game like this involving NY? February 2008– His name? Eli Manning. How did that turn out? This is a proud veteran who can throw about 75 types of pitches and will have Yankees batters trying to hit 5 run homers early. WATCH FOR THIS!!!

3- Changes? Yankees RF Nick Swisher(4 for 35 in the postseason) looks awful right now and could not hit water if he fell out of a boat. Might Yankees Manager Joe Girardi insert a Brett Gardner or roster addition Eric Hinske?

4- Yankees weak middle. A Major problem for Girardi and it bit him in the ass in game 1. If Phil Hughes does not turn it around FAST, this series will be over. His recent struggles have caused his skipper to go to lesser pitchers and the results have not been promising.

5- World Champions for a reason. The Phillies are no joke, they beat an incredibly hot Colorado Rockies team in round 1 and that got my attention. This is well constructed team with variety and they do many things well. The front office,led by GM Ruben Amaro, JR, made two huge moves to solidify this team(free agent signing of Ibanez and trade for Lee). The Lee trade came out of no where as most had them giving up half the world for Toronto ace Roy Halladay. Just a solid club and unlike their opposition, very likeable. And this is coming from someone who is a 30 year plus Mets fan,who covers them for a living.

October 27, 2009

World Series preview

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In what has to be a nightmare match-up for Mets fans, the 2009 World series features the defending World Champion Philadelphia Phillies representing the NL and the other team from NY, the Yankees from the American League. Hatred aside, this has the potential to be a great series and should be very entertaining for fans. Both clubs play in hitters parks and boost power throughout their batting orders. Lets look at each team by position and try to break things down.

Infield: These teams are almost dead even at 3 of the 4 spots, with all star level talent on each club at 1B, 2B and SS– I would rank Mark Teixeira slightly ahead of a red hot Ryan Howard at 1B, Chase Utley does not make mental mistakes like Yankees 2B Robinson Cano. Derek Jeter has been playing great as has Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins but the Yankees captain gets the nod. What puts the Yankees over the top is 3B Alex Rodriquez, who has had more big hits in the past 2 weeks than he did in the previous 5 campaigns combined. Edge: Yankees

Outfield: The Phillies have a an advantage here with 3 good defensive Outfielders, led by underrated RF Jayson Werth. LF Raul Ibanez cooled off slightly in the 2nd half(12 homers after 22 in the first 81) with some injuries contributing. CF Shane Victorino is a great energy player and solid CF.  The Yankees don’t exactly trot out stiffs in the Outfield but they are not elite either. RF Nick Swisher is an average at best RF but has a  been a tremendous club house influence while adding some power(29 homers).  LF Johnny Damon is a premier offensive player and catches what is hit his way but he has a poor arm for a left fielder. Melky Cabrera is not a starting ML calibre defensive center fielder but is Ok in the new Yankee park. Brett Gardner is a step up defensively and a great asset on the base paths. DH Hideki Matsui puts together tremendous at bats and is a clutch hitter. Injuries and age have hurt his defensive game. Edge: Phillies

Catcher: Yankees C Jorge Posada is a borderline Hall of Famer who produces in big spots and competes behind the plate. However, he couldn’t throw out a cement truck on the bases. He has a poor relationship with Yankees #2 starter A.J. Burnett and also has not brought out the best in swing man Joba Chamberlain. Phillies C Carlos Ruiz is an excellent technician behind the plate and can throw. He is a decent bat but is here for his glove and ability to work with his staff. Edge: Yankees

Starting Pitching:  I would give a slight advantage to the Phillies, here for one major reason, I like the fact that they throw 2 lefties at the Yankees. Each club has a strong ace(NYY CC Sabathia, Phils Cliff Lee) while having a talented but shaky #2(Philadelphia’s Cole Hamels, Yanks Burnett) after that, we have a mix and match that could see both managers loading up on antacids and aspirin. These are not teams you want to go to the pen early against. Veteran Andy Pettitte ,who has won countless big games for NY, will be their #3 starter. while the Phillies will start Yankees nemesis Pedro Martinez in game 2. Joe Blanton, Brett Myers and J.A. Happ will be out of the pen or possibly start for the Phillies in game 4. The Yankees have Chamberlian, who should not be trusted and veteran Chad Gaudin. Neither option should ease the grey in Yankees skipper Joe Girardi’s hair. Edge: Slight edge to Phillies

Bullpens: This is where things really swing to the Yankees. Future Hall of Fame closer Mariano Rivera is the man and Phillies Brad Lidge has been the mystery(11 blown saves! 7.21 ERA!) after his amazing 2008 campaign(ZERO blown saves). Lidge blew back to back saves in the club’s interleague series and gave up a memorable homer to Rodriquez in one of them. He has looked good in the postseason but store that away. Both teams have strong 8th inning men in Ryan Madson(Phillies) and the Yankees Phil Hughes. However, Hughes has a 5.79 ERA in the postseason. The rest of each pen does not scare most batters but terrifies their fans and own managers!!! Edge: Love Lidge (Great interview and guy)but I cannot say this enough- HUGE advantage Yankees

Series keys- Things to look for:

1- Phillies must win game 1. They need Lee to win this for one simple reason, they CANNOT expect Pedro Martinez to win in that park, vs. that team. He has a poor history vs that franchise and is about a 150 yrs old. He does not match-up well vs. that club and could get hit like Ike hit Tina.

2- Walks=Pens! Starters must maximize pitches and not dick around, Get guys out or get out. Both of these clubs have 6-7 players who can leave the yard, walks are big wins for batters and a nightmare for pitchers. Key for both staffs to get into the 6th inning nightly. It is ok if you give up 4-5 runs but throw and get outs. Think Jack Morris here pitch to win, not get stats!

3- Defense! The Phillies are an excellent defensive club and need to play well in the field here. Both Minnesota and the Angels made several huge fielding mistakes(as well as on the bases), in order to defeat this NY offensive machine, you cannot give them runs and/or outs. Keep an eye on this. Defensively, Teixeira has been a game changer for NY. Count how many great plays he makes a night in this series. Elite glove at 1B, the best since Keith Hernandez.

4- 12! That is the number of Pitchers the Phillies are carrying in this series and this is a good move by skipper Charlie Manuel. He has 3-4 solid bench guys(Led by stud PHs Greg Dobbs and Matt Stairs) and needs arms. Sound strategy here.

5- Pressure! I know this group has  held up well so far and even A Rod has stepped up huge but the Yankees have not worn the burden of their legacy well as of late. This team has folded when punched in the face and often with little fight. Let me tell you something as an experienced Mets fan, this Phillies club might lose but they will not beat themselves and are a tremendously tough club mentally. Manager Joe Girardi showed in the ALCS that he is apt to make an odd move when strssed, how will he manage under this huge spotlight?

Pick:  Let me make this clear: I hate the Yank$$s, I hate everything about them and what they represent. The success of their entire operation is based on money and greed while  representing the worst of the United States. If the commissioner of this sport had any sack, this team would resemble the Houston Astros. That said, as this sport is currently constructed, they have the  best team and have since about mid June. Yankees is 7, Rivera MVP.

October 21, 2009

Breaking Mets news: Heyman report Holliday over Halladay plus Madoff update

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During an interview on WFAN NY, and MLB Network insider Jon Heyman reported that the Mets prefer signing free agent OF Matt Holliday over a trade for Toronto Blue Jays SP Roy Halladay. He also thinks they will target innings eater type starters who avoid injuries(Derek Lowe?) .

According to several news sources, the Mets owners made around $48 million dollars from their dealings with financial swindler Bernard Madoff. The findings come from court documents and after about 6 months of reports on the financial hit the team took investing with jailed financial scam artist.

October 15, 2009

Reyes update, Heyman-Lackey article

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SS Jose Reyes had the long rumored surgery on his right hamstring Thursday. The procedure, done at the North Central Surgical Center in Dallas, cleaned scar tissue from a torn hamstring tendon  behind his knee. He expected to be able to resme baseball activities “soon after the new year”, according to the Mets.

Great information from’s Jon Heyman regarding FA RH SP John Lackey, who most assume will be a major target of the Mets this off-season. Heyman reports Lackey will seek a 5 yr deal in the range of the deal A.J. Burnett signed with the Yankees this offseason.(5 yrs/82.5 million)

October 13, 2009

2009 Silver Slugger Picks

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American League Picks

C- Joe Mauer- Minnesota Twins

1B- Mark Teixeira- New York Yankees

2B- Ben Zobrist- Tampa Bay Rays

SS- Derek Jeter- New York Yankees

3B- Evan Longoria- Tampa Bay Rays

OF- Jason Bay- Boston Red Sox

OF- Bobby Abreu– Los Angeles  Angels

OF- Michael Cuddyer- Minnesota Twins

National League Picks

C- Brian McCann- Atlanta Braves

1B-Albert Pujols- St. Louis Cardinals

2B- Chase Utley- Philadelphia  Phillies

SS- Hanley Ramirez- Florida Marlins

3B- Mark Reynolds- Arizona Diamondbacks

OF- Ryan Braun- Milwaukee Brewers

OF-Raul Ibanez- Philadelphia Phillies

OF- Andre Ethier- Los Angeles Dodgers

2009 Gold Glove Picks

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American League

1B- Mark Teixeira- New York Yankees

2B- Placido Polanco-Detroit Tigers

SS- Erick Aybar– Los Angeles Angels

3B- Chone Figgins- Los Angeles Angels

OF-Jacoby Ellsbury-Boston Red Sox

OF- Torii Hunter- Los Angeles Angels

OF- Jason Bay- Boston Red Sox

C- Gerald Laird- Detroit Tigers

P- Felix Herandez- Seattle Mariners

National League

1B – Todd Helton- Colorado Rockies

2B- Brandon Phillips- Cincinnati Reds

SS- Troy Tulowitzki- Colorado Rockies

3B- Kevin Kouzmanoff- San Diego Padres

OF- Ryan Braun- Milwaukee Brewers

OF- Matt Kemp- Los Angeles Dodgers

OF- Jeff Francoeur- Atlanta Braves-New York Mets

C- Yadier Molina- St. Louis Cardinals

P- Adam Wainwright- St. Louis Cardinals

Mets updates

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I will post during what should be a busy off-season for the Mets but for daily news & updates, check out and  Later this week, I will announce my own gold glove and silver slugger award winners. Enjoy the 2nd round of the playoffs!!!!

October 8, 2009

Mets News updates

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Lots of great information in Jon Heyman’s baseball columns regarding the Mets. Jon, one of the more respected writers in the game , is a regular on MLB network and Sports radio WFAN. Some hi-lights:

1- The Mets front office prefers Free agent Matt Holliday(St. Louis Cardinals) over Jason Bay(Boston Red Sox) in the battle of big ticket right fielders.

2- Thru sources affiliated with the Mets, Heyman believes GM Omar Minaya would be out of a job if not for an extension signed in August 2008 for 3 additional   years. He also confirms that the Mets are talking to ex Blue Jay GM J.P. Ricciardi and ex-Padres GM Kevin Towers about a role in their scouting department.

3- Heyman thinks the Mets will look at free agent 1B to replace veteran free agent 1B Carlos Delgado. He  does not think Nationals 1B Nick Johnson is a viable alternative with his past injury issues, believing the organization is steering clear of the DL prone. Remember my idea about Braves 1B Adam Laroche(Good friend of Mets RF  Jeff Francoeur) ? How about another idea, leave Daniel Murphy at 1B, sign an OF and a  top 3 pitcher(John Lackey, Jon Garland)!!!

Other News-Notes:

1- Great article in NY Newsday about the profits or loss the Wilpons took in the Madoff scandal. A must read for all Mets fans.

2- The Players the Mets received from the Red Sox in the Billy Wagner trade are official: 1B Chris Carter and 1B Eddie Lora. For more information, try

Check in as News breaks…. Be sure to look at Matt Cerrone’s… Matt is on the SNY telecasts often and I look at his site 2-3 times a day—minimum!!!

October 6, 2009

Post season… Picks!!!!!

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Rd 1 winners:

National League:

Rockies— Unstable closer situation ends Phillies chance to repeat, an amazing series that goes 5

Cardinals-St. Louis has the better pitching, the best player on the planet and I just want to stop talking about Joe Torre! St. Louis in 4!

American League:

Yankees- Tougher series than most think but the Twins need a vacation- NY sends them to the Golf course in 5.

Red Sox- This team is set up to be better in the postseason and unlike last year when an injury to 2007 World Series MVP Mike Lowell crippled their chances, they are reasonably healthy. Boston in 4.

NLCS- Colorado- I Believe… team is deeper than St. Louis and even has a good 1B to counter Pujols. Rockies in 6.

ALCS- Boston- Say this out loud Red Sox fans- We have better pitching top to bottom than the Yankees. When was the last time you clearly could say that about the Sox? 2004… How did that turn out? Boston in 6.

World Series-  Boston- Rockies story book season ends again at the hands of a classic franchise, Red Sox in 6.

2009 Postseason preview: The Good, The Bad, the Ugly

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2009 National League Postseason teams

NL East Champions: Philadelphia Phillies

Good: Devastating team power with an amazing 4 players totaling 30 plus homers… Defending World Series champions…. 3 players with 20+ steals… Great team D… Solid rotation, led by LH Cole Hamels, midseason acquisition Cliff Lee and Rookie of the Year candidate J.A Happ

Bad: 4 players with 100 strikeouts… Ballpark can work for and against team with small dimensions…. Bullpen has battled injury and changing roles

Ugly: Closer Brad Lidge has had a brutal year after the perfect 2008 season(ZERO blown saves in 41 chances plus postseason). He has 11 blown saves with a 7.21 ERA in 09!

NL Central Champion: St. Louis Cardinals

Good: Best player in the game in 1B Albert Pujols… Excellent top 3 rotation with Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright and Joel Pineiro… Team makes contact, only 1 player with 100+ Ks…. Deep bullpen, hi-lighted by closer Ryan Franklin(38 saves)….  Typical Tony La Russa team, lots of interchangeable parts that play the right way. Sum of the whole, not the individuals!.. 4 Legit ML OFs

Bad: Very little team speed, only 2 players with double figure steals. A rarity for both La Russa and the Cardinals franchise! Whitey Herzog is throwing up somewhere!… Not an elite line-up after Pujols and Mid–season acquisition Matt Holliday

Ugly: Uncertain 4-5 starters…. 3B Troy Glaus has missed almost the entire 2009 campaign with shoulder surgery, hitting .172 with 2 RBI in 29 at bats! Not good for a guy who was supposed to protect Pujols!!

NL West Champion: Los Angeles Dodgers

Good: Everyday line-up presents a good balance of veterans and youngsters… Pitching staff 1 thru 11 is solid… Manager Joe Torre has been thru everything  you can imagine and brings a calming presence to the locker room… Deep bench with options… CF Matt Kemp is a top 5 MVP candidate and dynamic talent… SS Rafael Furcal is back healthy and changes this whole line-up

Bad: Injury status of spark plug 2B Orlando Hudson hurts the infield D and overall energy of club…  Team has fallen off since amazing start… Bullpen was severely taxed with injuries to starters anmd general overuse by Torre

Ugly: Major healty concerns with the top 3 in rotation: RH Chad Billingsley, LH Clayton Kershaw(tired arm)  and Hiroki Kuroda(out for at least the 1st round) … Awful season for admitted roids cheat OF Manny Ramirez. Looks disinterested and unmotivated.

NL Wild Card: Colorado Rockies

Good: Excellent team power with 4 regulars hitting over 20 homers and additional 3 with 10+… Maybe the best fielding team of all time with studs at 1B(Todd Helton) and SS(Troy Tulowitzki)… All 5 starters with ERAs under 4.50, led by staff ace Ubaldo Jimenez(15-12,3.47) and veteran Jason Marquis(15-13,4.04) … Interim Manager Jim Tracy has provided a calming influence, emphasizing defense from day 1… Closer Huston Street(35 for 37 in save opportunities) … PH-1B Jason Giambi  provides this team with a legit power bat off the bench , a Matt Stairs type role(ask your friends who are Dodgers fans!)

Bad: Team strikes out a ton with 5 starters topping 100 Ks… Health of Street was an issue late in the year with biceps tendinitis. Set-up man Franklin Morales filled in but the drop off is noticeable. Need Street to be 100%

Ugly: Major health issues with LH Jorge De La Rosa(16-9,4.38) leaving his last start with a groin injury. Long time veteran SP Aaron Cook has also battled injuries late in the year, making only 27 starts. Team might be short  a top 3 starter if either misses time.

2009 American League Postseason Teams

AL East Champions: New York Yankees

Good:  Devastating line-up 1 thru 9 that features amazing team power with 7 regulars topping 20+ homers… Hall of Fame closer in Mariano Rivera… Underrated defensive team led by 1B Mark Teixeira… #1 starting pitcher in CC Sabathia

Bad: Issues with every starting pitcher they send out: CC has been awful in the postseason, AJ Burnett has never performed well in big spots and Andy Pettitte is 135 yrs old…Management has ruined Joba Chamberlain, who is as likely to throw a 7 hitter as he is to pitch to 7 hitters in start…. Ball park gives up home runs both ways

Ugly: No team faces more pressure to win and recent history dictates this group folds when challenged… 3 words: Postseason A Rod… Did I  mention Pressure?… Joe Girardi is about as likeable as an executioner….. Without question, the easiest team to hate in Pro Sports

AL Wild Card:  Boston Red Sox

Good: Team offensive approach that works counts and wears down starting pitchers… 3 starting pitchers with sub 4.00 ERAs in Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz …. 5 players with 20 home runs… Deep talented bullpen, hi-lighted by closer Jonathan Papelbon…Excellent team D, led by an underrated outfield…. Better team speed than you think , starting with CF and lead off man Jacoby Ellsbury

Bad: Health issues with both Beckett and Lester…..No bench… Unstable 4-5th starter situation with Tim Wakefield injured and Dice K, Daisuke Matsuzaka having a tough year…. Can LH set up man Billy Wagner pitch back to back a year removed from Tommy John Surgery?

Ugly: Streaky offensive team…. Health at SS with trade deadline move Alex Gonzalez now beaten up, joining Nick Green and Jed Lowrie in the infirmary… 4 players with 100+ Ks… LH RP Hideki Okajima struggled in September and October with a 7.36 ERA

Amazing stat:  Sox DH David Ortiz had 1 home run in April and May combined. Since June 1st, he has 27!!!!!!!

AL Central Champions: Minnesota Twins

Good:  Unbelievable momentum entering the post season, just ask the Detroit Tigers! …. Best player in the AL in C Joe Mauer…. Play  as a team with a National League style that is more about the sum than the parts… Elite closer in Joe Nathan as well as an excellent set up core…. (top RH and LH relievers with sub 2.50 ERAs) … Best homefield advantage in all of MLB… Team has 5 players with double figure steals…. Very solid D in all areas… Good power tandem in 1B-OFMichael Cuddyer and DH Jason Kubel… Best Manager in the game in Ron Gardenhire

Bad: Lineup does not scare anyone…. Team has been in playoff mode for the last 2-3 weeks and has to be running on fumes….Solid starters 1 thru 5 but do not strike out hitters and allow balls to be put in play, a bad recipe for success vs some of these powerful AL playoff teams

Ugly: Season ending injury to 1B Justin Morneau kills this small market club. The Twins cannot replace .280-30-120 with some kid from Double A. Impossible.

AL West Champions: Los Angeles Angels

Good: Amazingly consistent offensive team that features 8 of 9 regulars hitting over .285!!!!!!!…. Solid 4 man rotation with a balance of 2 righties and 2 south paws…. Team brought together by the tragic death of SP Nick Adenhart in April …. Great manager in Mike Scioscia…Excellent team athleticism on both the bases(6 players with double figure steals) and defensively

Bad: Bullpen is not what it was during the Percival-KRod-Shields years. Brian Fuentes is solid(45 saves, 7 blown) but he was shaky late in they year and lost some save chances to set up men… Health issues with several starting pitchers all year including John Lackey and Ervin Santana…. Not much recent success in the playoffs

Ugly: The Angels always play the Yankees tough(eliminated them twice in this decade) but have no luck against first round opponent Boston. Game 1 is critical to this club’s postseason dreams.

Wilpon-Minaya-Manuel show

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Mets COO Jeff Wilpon used the term “unacceptable” numerous times during his presser Monday. Funny, sounds like his speech after 07 and 08. Did anyone not named Willie Randolph lose their jobs off that? Wilpon created a stir by saying he thinks the 2009 campaign was a “one-year thing”, meaning the year was caused by injuries, bad luck,etc not that Minaya/Manuel have 2010 to save their jobs.

Some great information on Matt Cerrone’s as well as must reads for Mets fans in the NY Post from Joel Sherman and Daily News from Filip Bondy, who believes both the GM and Manager are on the hot seat.

Reyes update: Surgery and rehab

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Mets have announced the medical plan for SS Jose Reyes this offseason. He will rehab the hamstring tear in right leg while having surgery to remove the scar tissue around the hamstring tendon behind his right knee.  The Mets believe Reyes will be ready for Spring Training. Dallas Cowboys team doctor Dr. Daniel E. Cooper will perform the surgery and is regarded as “The leading expert in the country in the surgical treatment of the chronically torn semi tendinosis tendon in athletes.”

the sorcerer’s apprentice movie full

October 5, 2009

Most of Manuel’s staff back

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Mets just announced via  press release they  have kept the following coaches: 3B Coach Razor Shines and Catching instructor Sandy Alomar Jr. However, their roles have yet to be determined. Hitting coach Howard Johnson, Pitching coach Dan Warthen and Bullpen coach Randy Niemann have also  been retained in the same positions for 2010. 1B coach Luis Alicea and Sandy Alomar Sr will not be back.

General Manager Omar Minaya and COO Jeff Wilpon are holding a presser now and I will provide news and hi-lights later.

October 4, 2009

Figueroa’s four hitter plus Pagan’s 4 for 4 day help Mets handle Astros 4-0 to end miserable 2009 campaign

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Starter Nelson Figueroa tossed a 4 hitter for his first complete game shutout while LF Angel Pagan went 4 for 4 leading the host New York Mets over the Houston Astros 4-0 Sunday afternoon at Citi-Field in Queens. The win, which allowed NY to sweep the 3 game set, ended the catastrophically disappointing 2009 campaign  at 70-92. Major injuries to stars like SS Jose Reyes, 1B Carlos Delgado,  LH SP Johan Santana and CF Carlos Beltran crippled this team that entered the  season as  favorite to represent the National League in the World Series. Rookie  C Josh Thole (.321) added 3 hits for the Mets  while driving in a run.

Figueroa(3-8,4.09) was the man Sunday, at one point retiring 13 of the 14 final Houston batters. He allowed 4 hits while K-ing 7 without walking a batter. He threw 19 first pitch strikes to  31 Astros. The Mets scored single runs in the 3rd and 5th on sacrifice flies from 2B Luis Castillo and 3B David Wright respectively. Tholke singled home another run in the 4th while SS Anderson Hernandez drove home the the final run with a fielders choice in the 4th.

Star of the Game: Figueroa- Classy pro is one of the few bright lights on this miserable season. Should be on the 2010 opening day roster from day 1 and not be on the shuttle bus all year!

Mets starting line-up:

1-LF Angel Pagan

2- 2B Luis Castillo

3- 3B David Wright

4- CF Carlos Beltran

5- 1B Daniel Murphy

6- RF Jeremy Reed

7- C Josh Thole

8- SS Anderson Hernandez

9- Pitcher

Mash Unit: Mets players spent more than 1480 days on the disabled list, the most of any major league team.

Game Notes: NY’s 70-92 record is their worst since going 66-95 on 2003… The sweep was the Mets first since they took three straight from Washington in May….NY went 41-40 in their first season  season at Citi-Field…. Mets hit a major league low 95 home runs, their lowest total since they hit 93 in 1992… Rookie 1B Daniel Murphy hit .282 with 37 extra base hits and 35 RBI in 72 second half games. He credits Mets bitting coach and former star player Howard Johnson with his turnaround. ” “I learned its a long season, and you can’t just hit .350 in one month,” Murphy explained.  “Hopefully I can turn this second half in to a full 2010 and help win this team a championship.”

Next: Big Day for the Mets coaching staff Monday, Skipper Jerry Manuel will make an announcement about the make-up of the staff as well as the club’s offseason plans.

October 3, 2009

Misch and Tatis lead Mets past Astros 5-1

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Lefty Pat Misch(3-4, 4.48) pitched 5 strong innings and was backed by 2 hits and rbi from 3B Fernando Tatis, leading The host New York Mets(69-92) to a 5-1 victory over the Houston Astros(74-87) in a contest that was delayed almost 2 hours and 20 minutes in the 6th inning.  1B Daniel Murphy and C Josh Thole added 2 hits for NY while Astros 1B Lance Berkman did the same for Houston.

Misch was outstanding for the Mets and has pitched back to back strong outings for NY(8 hit complete game shutout at the Marlins September 27). He tossed 5 hit ball over 5 frames, allowing 1 run and K-ing one.  After the long delay, the Mets bullpen took over and supported their starter to earn the win. RH Brian Stokes(2-4,3.97, 10 holds) tossed 1 and 2 thirds, followed by “Perpetual” Pedro Feliciano((5-4,3.03,24 holds) the pitched to one Astro. RH Sean Green(1-4,4.57,14 holds) created a small brush fire by walking 3 batters in his 1 and 2 third innings. However, Mets all star closer Francisco Rodriquez came in and used 3 pitches to earn his 35th save.

Star of the Game: Misch- Should be considered for some role on the 2010 Mets.  Is a lefty and has a tremendous attitude. Listen to the post-game quotes from the southpaw,“I’m always bummed when it comes to an end. … I like pitching, that’s just how I am,” Misch said, but “to finish like that was awesome.”

Mets starting line-up:

1- CF Angel Pagan

2- 2B Luis Castillo

3- 1B Daniel Murphy

4- RF Jeff Francoeur

5- LF Cory Sullivan

6- 3B Fernando Tatis

7- C Josh Thole

8- SS Anderson Hernandez

9- Pitcher

Game Notes: CF Carlos Beltran(illness) and 3B David Wright(rest) were both given the day off. Mets skipper Jerry Manuel says both will return in Sunday’s season finale … Francoeur has hit .313 with 10 homers and 41 rbi in 74 games with the Mets… Thole broke out of a 1 for 22 slump with a 4th inning triple. The triple set a new team record at 48… NY scored all 5 runs with 2 outs… Astros SS Miguel Tejada singled in the first to extend his hit streak to 20 games… Due to the rain delay, Kids running around the bases was cancelled, which drew loud boos from the fans who did show up…. All 3 Houston outfielders- LF Carlos Lee, CF Michael Bourn and RF Hunter Pence- made great catches in the game. Interim Manager Dave Clark noticed, “It was a difficult day under the circumstances but, overall, we played well in the outfield,” Clark said. “One thing about them, they’re not going to quit.”

Next Game:

Sunday, season finale vs the Astros at Citi-Field

1:10 pm

Mets RH Nelson Figueroa(2-8,4.70) vs. Astros RH Wilton Lopez(0-1,9.42)

October 2, 2009

Maine’s arm, Murphy and Francoeur’s bats end losing streak as Mets punish Astros,7-1

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Starting pitcher John Maine pitched 7 outstanding innings while the Mets backed him with 14 hits, helping New York(68-92) defeat the Houston Astros(74-86) 7-1 Friday night at Citi-Field in Queens. RF Jeff Francoeur and 1B Daniel Murphy had 2 run home runs for NY while 3B David Wright and Francoeur had 3 hits to pace the attack. The Mets had lost 4 of 5 and close out their disappointing, injury riddled 2009 campaign with this 3 game series.

Pitching his longest outing since missing 3 months with pain in his throwing shoulder, Maine was outstanding. Over his 7 innings, he allowed 5 hits and 1 run while striking out 7 and walking none.  “I’m just out there kind of working on a couple things and just trying to pitch to contact a little more,” said Maine, who has just four walks in four starts since coming off the DL. “Don’t know why I didn’t try it before because the walks always hurt me.” The righty is now 4-1 with a 3.28 ERA in 5 starts vs. the Astros.

Star of the Game: Maine- Needs to carry this outing into 2010. Tremendous arm and has a New York city make-up, tough and dependable. The win gives him wins in 6 consecutive home starts. The last Mets pitcher to do so? Sid Fernandez in 1990.

Mets starting line-up:

1- LF Angel Pagan

2- 2B Luis Castillo

3- 3B David Wright

4- CF Carlos Beltran

5- RF Jeff Francoeur

6- 1B Fernando Tatis

7- C Omir Santos

8- SS Anderson Hernandez


Game Notes: The Mets pitchers did not walk a batter for only the fifth time in the 2009 campaign… No further update from the club on the status of SS Jose Reyes… 1B-OF Nick Evans tripled in the 7th giving the Mets 47 on the year, tying the franchise record set in both 1978 and 1996… Over 37,000 fans attended the game and Citi-Field was at 89.5% capacity… No Astro had more than 1 hit

Next Game:


Game 2 of 3 game season ending series vs the Astros at Citifield

1:10 pm

Astros RH Yorman Bazardo(1-2,8.23) vs. Mets LH Pat Misch(2-4,4.71)

October 1, 2009

Off Day Update

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Busy day off for the Mets. Let me update you on what is going on.

1- Reyes update: Mets SS Jose Reyes will have surgery on his hamstring injury and according to his agent Peter Greenberg he is will be ready for the start of the 2010 season. “He is going to be good for next year… I don’t think that is a question.”

2- Ticket situation: The club set out an email to all season ticket holders apologizing for “the disappointment” of the 2009 campaign. The team pledged to lower all prices for season holder,  Most will be 10% lower, some 20%. David Howard, thje teams executive VP of Business Operations, expressed sensitivity over the economic plight of Mets fans in the mailing.

3- Most reads for Mets fans: Great articles in both the NY Post(Joel Sherman) and NY  Newsday(David Lennon) about the Mets frustrating season. Lennon’s focuses on the Reyes injury and the possibility of the Mets having another need to fill in the off-season while Sherman’s is an informational update, however, he  makes a great point on the strong rookie crop within the NL East.(Potential top 3 vote getters for the award)

4- Manuel interview: Great radio interview by the best in the business, Mike Francesa on WFAN with Mets skipper Jerry Manuel. Lots of great information on multiple topics ranging from Reyes to off-season needs.

5- Nick Evans: Interesting note on the regarding OF-INF Nick Evans working with Mets coach Sandy Alomar Sr. The youngster was getting instruction on how to play catcher and “increase his versatility.”

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