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July 29, 2017

Farewell Lucas Duda and this blogger

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The Mets traded away Lucas Duda the other night and I have traded in for my own site Both wise moves. Duda was a good Met and one several smart decisions by General Manager Sandy Alderson( picked Duda over 1B Ike Davis) that helped the team reach the 2015 World Series. He will be missed. I will check in on this site every now and then and really enjoyed this. My focus is now on my own business and I will write the odd post here and cover bigger Mets stories on my site. #LGM

July 11, 2017

Conforto Lone Mets All Star, This writer is … fed up

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Lots of good things in my life right now– and the Mets are barely a part of it. Insert joke here. I follow the scores, check in from time to time but the endless negative news and play from this team makes me nuts. I have covered this team for over 10 years, watched them since 1980. I have seen losing. LOTS OF IT. This year is different. This is a good team that cannot stay healthy- and hasn-t for years- yet no significant changes happen. That makes fans – fans like me- indifferent and indifferent is not something you want from your Fan Base. Gary, Keith and Ron- 3 loyal Mets guys- do not sugar coat things and have eyes. So do I. David Wright aside, you cannot predict injuries but some how this team needs to fix this or more guys like me will find better things to do than watch The Triple A Mets try to get out Bryce Harper. I trust Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins and suffer with them. But they are not the issue and the issue needs to be addressed.

Mets News: OF Michael Conforto was the lone Mets representative in the All Star Game. Thats all you need to know about the Mets season. A guy who not guaranteed at bats as the season started is in the mid season classic. Very good sign for the player though after tough 2016 campaign. Bright future…. I expect the team to look at trading Jay Bruce, Curtis Granderson and Addison Reed as the July 31st deadline approaches. I am on record saying I would sign Bruce. He can play and has a GREAT 1st name…. The Brandon Nimmo collapsed lung story is soooo Mets…. The more I read and talk with folks around the Team,the more I understand how big a waste Matt Harvey is and how bad he is for this team.


July 1, 2017

Tough to watch

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I love My Mets, I love Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson. This is why I hate this season. When they have 75% of their team healthy, amazingly they win games. A couple of pitchers returning- Steven Matz and Seth Lugo- has stabilized an injured and  underachieving  staff. Jacob deGrom looks like Jacob deGrom and offensively Curtis Granderson has gotten hot . The problem with this club has never been runs it INCREDIBLY has been run prevention and a porous infield defense magnifies that. Of course, it doesn-t help when every member of your starting infield has been injured. Players like Jose Reyes, TJ Rivera and Wilmer Flores have to become starters and play multiple positions. Defensive continuity is lost and the results speak for themselves. The larger issue with this club -and it has been this way for 3-4 years MINIMUM- is the incredible list of injures. And their is no common theme- legs, arms, backs,muscles, bones. The common denominator is this happen to Mets players and when Ron Darling RON DARLING loses it on the team tv broadcast the medical- training staff needs to be looked at. I feel like I work for not at times. And that is not fun. #LGM

June 23, 2017

Mets : Mess

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The Mets are losing players and games left and right. Zack Wheeler(Triceps) was placed on the DL after getting hit hard for 2,3 starts. Meanwhile, Asdrubal Cabrera, fresh of the DL, in an option year of his deal, does not want to play 2B and has requested a trade. For tonight he is playing 2B with Jose Reyes at SS. The Mets infield is a mess with 2 regulars out at 3B and 2B and an influx of youth is close with the Rosario-Smith era coming soon. And with the team falling out of any postseason contention, veterans like Jay Bruce(who I would resign), Addison Reed and Curtis Granderson could be moved. Jacob deGrom’s name hit the rumor lines today but that was more from another team, The Houston Astros. Mets GM Sandy Alderson will be very busy heading into the July 31st deadline.

June 15, 2017


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Well it is beginning to look like the 2017 New York Mets will not be able to compete for the postseason and the #1 reason is ….drum roll please….. #Injuries. Let me explain. Before today the following players where on the disabled list:

3B-Franchise face-captain David Wright(back,shoulder)

Ace pitcher Noah Syndergaard(shut down 4 more weeks, no throwing, lat muscle tear)

SS Asdrubal Cabrera(thumb)

All star closer Jeurys Familia(Throwing arm)


Before todays game, the team somehow lost 3 THREE players to the DL:

Pitcher Matt Harvey(scapula, out several weeks)

2B Neil Walker(torn hamstring)

RP Josh Smoker(elbow)


Then the game started and Juan Lagares made a Juan Lagares play…and broke his thumb.


Tonight I think it is obvious the team MVP should be trainer Ray Ramirez

I am a Terry Collins guy- although I wanted him fired and my life to end when he trusted Harvey in the 9th inning of game 5 of the World Series- and love him. But you feel for the man and what this has been like over the last several years with injuries. And its all areas– pitching, infielders, outfielders, young.,old. Just a cruel fate to a good baseball man. #LGM

June 14, 2017

Best win, Day of year

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The Mets overcame a bad Matt Harvey outing and erupted for 5 runs in the 8th to rally from a 4-1 deficit and defeat the World Champion Chicago Cubs 9-4 Wednesday night. Homers by Curtis Granderson(Career #300) and Lucas Duda(3 run shot) led the charge as Harvey allowed back to back homers to open the game and another 2 shot in the 4th. #33 continues to be a mystery and headline grabber on a night where the Mets posted their best win of the 2017 campaign. Medically, Yoenis Cespedes(foot) should be Ok but 2b Neil Walker(leg) came up lame tonight and it looked bad. #Hamstring . The Mets are 30-34 and have looked better with the return of some starting pitchers–Steven Matz and Seth Lugo-as well as #52 Cespedes. .500 is the next hurdle. This team has played great ball in the last 2 second halves and is good when everyone is playing. The problem? That NEVER happens!!


Important side note here. I love my Mets and my alma mater, The University of Michigan. I am a big time fan of our baseball program and adopted the team and Coach Erik Bakich this year. Our set up guy #29 Mac Lozer became #MyGuy. Today the Mets took my buddy in the 33rd round. Living my dream. So proud of this guy. #LGM 

June 5, 2017

Lost season?

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The Mets had a tough week but through no fault of their own, some how remain alive in the race for the final NL wildcard spot. The reason? Location, location,location. The National League and the NL East are very down and the Mets are a 20-10 month away from stealing the spot. The positives from this season? Michael Conforto is becoming a star, a top of the lineup stud. Wilmer Flores is rounding into an everyday player and Lucas Duda is hot. The entire pitching staff has regressed and has either been bad or hurt. Terry Collins has to tax the few pitchers he believes in and the look of wear and tear on his face is usually regarding the pitching staff. This is a crazy game and you would have gotten tremendous odds on the NY Mets having a bad pitching staff preseason. Bad might be polite. But with Both Steven Matz and Seth Lugo set to return this upcoming weekend, hope is on the horizon. This is very good offense(Tops in NL in May) and due to depth, Terry has defensive options for late game situations. THE METS ARE NOT DEAD. #LGM

May 28, 2017


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Keep in mind I am writing this w Yoenis Cespedes(Quad) suffering a minor setback in his rehab stint but cancel the 2017 New York Mets obit. I sense the worm turning and this team is due some good luck. Matt Harvey looks like the competitive #33, Zack Wheeler continues to progress in his return from Tommy John and Jacob de Grom looks like… JACOB dE GROM. On the horizon, both Steven Matz and Seth Lugo looked good in weekend minor league outings. The team is hitting the bleep out of the ball and it is a 1 thru 9 attack.  Recently, Neil Walker, Lucas Duda and Curtis Granderson have heated up. Michael Conforto, Jay Bruce and Wilmer Flores  have been staples all season offensively. The bullpen scares me more than Jason in a Friday the 13th Movie at times  but better outings from the rotation allows Terry Collins more levity and options. I pronounced this team dead last week and was wrong. #LGM

May 24, 2017

Michael Conforto and the NY Mess

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Outside of Michael Conforto- who basically is playing everyday because everyone else is hurt or bad- the New York Mets are the New York Mess now. Take that back, Wilmer Flores, Rene Rivera and TJ Rivera are playing well and Jacob DeGrom is Jacob DeGrom.  Jay Bruce is a pro. The rest of the team? Somehow the New York Mets have the worst ERA in Major League Baseball. I REPEAT. The New York Mets— a team based on historically great pitching- could not get outs in the Bayonne Little League. The Bullpen-overtaxed due to injuries and bad starting pitching- has been horrific and Manager Terry Collins has to go to these guys more than a bar customer goes to a urinal.  Somehow- and a lot of this is  culture, a winning environment and Collins- this team is not out of it. A big part is how bad this division is minus the Washington Nationals. NY is a good week away from being .500 and that is the starting point. Players such as Yoenis Cespedes and Travis d’Arnaud are in near returning and arms such as Steven Matz and Seth Lugo are also deep in rehab stints. Amazingly the season is not lost and we have more than a 110 games to go. The Mets over the last 2 seasons have been a dominant 2nd half team. It all begins, ends and starts with pitching. RUN PREVENTION. Preventing runs is the key to any run. Pun intended. #LGM

May 14, 2017

Broken Blogger

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Today, May 14,2017 this blogger realized something: this is not the Mets year. This team has too many injuries in all areas and does not have enough to overcome that without a catastrophic bad over pay in a trade. Terry Collins has to manage with maybe 3 relievers he trusts while protecting the few healthy starters he has. The GD medical staff continues to parade out players at around 70% and they get hurt worse: Cespedes, Syndergaard and now Cabrera where allowed to play and blew things up. Travis d’Arnaud gets hurt in the team picture. Matt Harvey is late for it then pitches and sucks. This team again relied on David Wright and again the gritty, gutty captain’s body has failed him. This team tries and is in contention mathematically but the eye ball test does not lie. This team is toast.

I will watch and hope I am wrong. I am not. The good news? This team should focus on getting healthy for 2018 and make subtle moves to speed along the process. Here are some suggestions:

1- Play Michael Conforto everyday. Lefties , righties, cats, dogs, steak, salad. 500 ABs, 150 + games.

2- Sign Jay Bruce long term. Team leader, pro, good fit for team. 3-4 yrs/50 mill.

3- Get Ahmed Rosario up and let him play SS. Cabrera is hurt and the kid is the future. Lets find out if he is ready.

4- Figure out 3B and C long term. d’Arnaud and Wright are done and cannot be counted on. Team needs to find out if they have  internal answers or if a TJ Rivera or Kevin Plawecki are bench only guys. Both of these spots must be filled.

5- Figure out 2B and 1B for 2018. Are Lucas Duda or Neil Walker here? If not we need a 2B(Wilmer Flores?), 1B we have an option coming in super prospect 1B Dominic Smith. But we need everyday answers at these positions.

6- Get bullpen help. FAST. Team was barely getting by before the injury to Jeurys Familia. Now guys like Fernando Salas and Addison Reed are pitching way too much. Find someone ANYONE who can help this team and prevent Collins from ODing on Rolaids in the dugout.

7- Be smart, be safe. Place Jacob deGrom and Zack Wheeler in bubble wrap when they don-t pitch. Protect players, be smart, be over cautious. If a guy is sore, give him a day. This about the long term not short.

8- Figure out the puzzle that is Matt Harvey. Is he hurt? Does he need a shrink? Does he need medical help? I am not a Matt guy but he is on the team and when he stinks, hurts the team. This has to be a huge priority.

9- Add a veteran controllable major league pitcher to assume the role that Bartolo “Huge Mistake” Colon filled in NY. Team needs an innings eater.

10- Avoid sharp objects and weapons. #LGM


May 12, 2017

#*$!* Familia

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Just when you thought things could not get worse in Flushing, they have. And really have. The New York Mets lost closer Jeurys Familia to shoulder surgery Friday and their is no exact time table for this return. The operation was to correct a blood clot in his throwing shoulder and partially explains his recent struggles where he did not appear right. Addison Reed takes over the closer role and the Mets desperately need to acquire another high end late inning arm. In unrelated news, I  feel good and wonder when this Mets injury plague will strike me down. #LGM

May 10, 2017

Matt grows up

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On Tuesday at Citi Field, Matt Harvey did something he hasn-t done in almost 2 years with me: he earned my respect and praise. No more woo is me, not me, them Matt. He owned his disastrous weekend, appeared on verge of tears and apologized to his teammates for being a team killing selfish ass. #33 also admitted to being out past curfew and breaking teams rules. Somewhere his agent Scott Boras was hanging himself. I am not a Matt guy but after this and his heart felt look I am open to giving him a chance .Team needs him and Harvey needs the Mets. This is a good team with a good locker room, if he wants to be part of the solution and not the problem, he can be a major asset. But in his words, Baseball has to be his #1 priority. As someone who has had to apologize to a team and battled substance abuse issues, I am rooting for Matt Harvey and hope the person and player wins. #LGM

May 7, 2017

Matt Harvey

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My name is Jay Flannelly, I love the  New York Mets and I hate Matt Harvey. All three of these things will not change and have been earned. Anyone who reads my blog knows how much I love this team, the owners (Wilpon family) are huge University of Michigan alums(My Alma Matter) and I spend many days and nights at the Baseball and Softball facilities Mr Wilpon financed. Losses hurt: after the World Series defeat in 2015, I did not sleep for 4 days. I grew up around the game, in baseball crazy New England. I am the son of Jim Flannelly who would attend the Red Sox home opener with his Brother and business associates regularly. He would never miss a businessman special at Fenway and I saw Yaz, El Tiante , Fred Lynn and Pudge Fisk more than Big Bird and Mr. Rodgers growing up. The game is in my blood.

What is also in my blood is respect for the game and your teammates. You play hard, work hard, support each other and battle. EVERYDAY. EVERYPLAY. I played for the best high school football coach in America -Dick Collins at Andover High School. I am in regular contact with his son Rick and widow Barbara Collins.  Two of my 3 position coaches are a text or phone call away in Peter Reilly and Peter Comeau. I had incredible captains like Brian Donnellan, Johnny Thompson, Joe Marinaro, Brett Hammond and Stefan Fodor. These guys showed up ,shut up and led. By example. By words. By actions. Win or lose, we stuck together. And our teams policed problems, keeping things internal. I wasn’t the best player but I tried to be the best teammate I could be. Our team has one goal: Winning.

These above paragraphs illustrate why when I see the name or face of Matt Harvey I lose my mind. He is none of the above and about one thing and one thing only: HIM. And getting paid. And fame. It is not about pitching or helping the team. This team is down 5 everyday regulars and 3 starting pitchers and was playing good team baseball before Sunday’s game. Then Matt Harvey happened. Matt reportedly did not come to the ball park Saturday. 24 other guys did. The Captain of this team has more  problems than The Rebels fighting Darth Vader at the end of Rogue One. He has millions and a family. He comes to the park everyday with a  broken back and shoulder and tries to play. Matt got a migraine golfing. I get migraines every time I see him with a Mets uniform on.

My stance on #33 has been established. Look at my columns from September 2015 here. I thought he was a team killing disease. Today confirmed it. You cannot win with this type of divisive individual in a team sport. Baseball is hard enough with everyone pulling in same direction. Not only is Matt not in line, he is not even in the building. I joked today the team should send him to the minors. But when you consider that New York’s Triple A affiliate is Las Vegas, The Mets are probably concerned Matt would disappear. WHY? #GoodIdea I called for it 2 years ago. Most fans called for it Sunday by 2 pm. #LGM


Mets Mash

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The New York Mets are a great example of why health care costs are so out of control. Before the latest Matt Harvey fiasco(More on this in my next blog post), the team was minus 3 of their everyday infielders plus starting C Travis D’Arnaud(wrist). And three starting pitchers are on the DL as well. and oh, Yoenis Cespedes(Headed back to NY for evaluation, improving). Somehow Terry Collins puts a respectable product on the field. The man should be sainted for the last 2 years.  SS Asdrubal Cabrera(Knee, thumb) is beat up and 1B Lucas Duda(Elbow) is about a week away. David Wright? Who knows. Seth Lugo and Steven Matz are about a month away and Noah Syndergaard(Lat injury)  will not throw for 6 weeks and has been placed on the 60 day DL. Bank on Thor being lost for 3 months. Count on me sounding like I am trying out for medical school instead of writing about a good baseball team. #LGM

May 2, 2017

Thor down

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The news on Mets ace Noah Syndergaard was bad but not that bad Monday and the show must go on. Tests showed a partially torn lat muscle with no arm injury. No time line was given on his return but LHP Steven Matz missed 2 months with the same injury last season. Per the Mets own website and New York General Manager Sandy Alderson :

“Thus ends a nightmarish chapter of a season that has seen the Mets lose their two best players to injury. Syndergaard initially suffered right shoulder and biceps discomfort early last week. The Mets scratched him from his start last Thursday against the Braves and offered an MRI, which Syndergaard declined. He instead threw a bullpen session and declared himself healthy, exiting Sunday’s 23-5 loss to the Nationals in the second inning due to right lat pain.

Monday’s MRI in Manhattan revealed the updated diagnosis.

“Let me make clear that it was my decision for Noah to pitch,” Alderson said. “It was with input from a variety of sources, including Noah himself. The MRI was not dismissed out-of-hand simply because Noah said he wouldn’t do it.” https: //

This is an important statement from Alderson and takes team medical staff off the hook. The Mets have had several players in the past 6-8 years play with minor injuries and see them blow up. David Wright, Yoenis Cespedes and Ryan Church are just some ones that come to mind immediately. The team is in a tough spot with so many young arms and the volatility of pitching injuries. The team will soldier on with Rafael Montero the likely replacement internally for Thor. Meanwhile, the team hopes to have Matz and Seth Lugo rejoin the rotation health permitting. A positive? Michael Conforto is hitting like many thought he would and Jose Reyes has returned from witness protection to assume his role as #7. And the return of Jeurys Familia has stabilized the relief corps. These next 2 months are vital and the team must play solid baseball until the reinforcements come over the hill.

April 28, 2017


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Usually losing 6 straight to lousy teams is enough to sound an alarm but when your best player and pitcher are both hurt, that also steals the headlines. Noah Syndergaard(arm) and Yoenis Cespedes(Leg) are now both hurt and Mets fans everywhere are holding their breath. If either of these two misses significant time, the team is toast. It is early but not that early and the team needs to play better and start winning games. Terry Collins watch is underway and I am a big TC guy but facts are facts and right now this is not a good baseball team and a shake up might be in order. #NYMess not #NYMets now… wow. Things need to change and change quickly or heads will roll. The Nationals are not going anywhere and appear to win 2 game a day. Time to wake up or someone walks. 

April 21, 2017

Mets Mash

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The New York Mets open a series with defending NL East Champion Washington Nationals at Citi Field this weekend  with serious injury issues. 1B Lucas Duda(Elbow) and INF Wilmer Flores(Knee Infection) have been placed on the 10 day DL while OF Yoenis Cespedes(Hamstring) and C Travis d’Arnaud(wrist) are also not in the lineup. The team has recalled INF  T.J. Rivera and P Sean Gilmartin to offset the bodies,  Matt Harvey has been moved up to pitch tonight with Jacob de Grom battling a stiff neck. Meanwhile, 3B-captain David Wright(Back,Shoulder)  has been placed on 60 day DL but continues to try and comeback. The Mets should be Ok short term at 1B with Jay Bruce and other options allowing Michael Conforto to join Juan Lagares and Curtis Granderson to form a good balanced outfield with defense and hitting. Cespedes is key, if he is lost for ANY extended time(does not look like he will) this team is cooked.

April 18, 2017

No panic in Flushing

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The New York Mets lost 3 of 4 this week in Miami but I am not at all concerned. You ever hear the saying its ok to lose the battle not the war? Thats where the Mets are. Manager Terry Collins and GM Sandy Alderson are faced with this issue: they have 4 high quality starting pitchers coming back from surgery in  Matt Harvey, Jacob de Grom, Steven Matz(On DL now)  and Zack Wheeler. The staff ace Noah Syndergaard pitched a career high in innings last season and battled bone spurs. A 6th young arm in Seth Lugo is battling a potentially season ending elbow injury. The team is trying to manage these arms and maintain a good record. That is hard to do on a daily basis and Collins faces constant 2nd guessing and dilemmas nightly on when and where to pull starters.  This is about getting these arms to the finish line.

Adding to issues with pitch counts of the starters is the over use of the bullpen in particular the high end guys. Addison Reed, Fernando Salas, Hansel  Robles and Jerry Blevins are in games almost nightly. This will change when closer Jeurys Familia returns later this week and allows Terry to mix and match more. And as the season nears the end of month one, starters can pitch  more, the hitters will pick it up and start to produce like their baseball card says they should. The Mets play a lot of close games and this taxes the entire pitching staff. The Mets are homer reliant and when the weather warms up, the hope is so will those bats. #LGM


April 12, 2017

1st week, Phillies series show what Mets are about:Power and Pitching. Team Notes: Lagares near, Wright far

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The 2017 New York Mets are showing to be what you thought they are : built on power- both offensively and defensively- the team relies on power arms and power bats. Yoenis Cespedes 3 homer game Tuesday night highlighted the teams opening 10 days , that has seen the big 3 rotation members- Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom and Matt Harvey- all pitch great. Offensively, 4 team wide keys- RF Jay Bruce, C Travis D’Arnaud, OF Michael Conforto and 1B Lucas Duda- all look good and the bullpen ,minus all star Jeurys Familia, has maintained all their leads and save opportunities with Fernando Salas and Addison Reed flourishing late in the 8th and 9th innings. Both have closed in them major leagues for other clubs, quality depth, moves by Mets management led by GM Sandy Alderson.

Mets Notes: Captain and 3B David Wright(Shoulder) has begun throwing but at best, he could return sometime late May or early June. Long process for #5. Get well, David…. Meanwhile, Cf Juan Lagares(Left Oblique) could rejoin the team as soon as Thursday and has looked good in his minor league rehab assignment… Jose Reyes is off to a 2 for 33 start (.061) and has been moved down the order. Keep an eye on veteran major league 3B , say Todd Frazier from the Chicago White Sox, as a rental option. This team is good enough to win the World Series and cannot have ANY position be a sink hole.

April 4, 2017

Mets win opener but news on Matz, Lugo a loss

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The New York Mets rode Noah Syndergaard and one big inning to a 6-0 win in Monday’s opener vs the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field. Lucas Duda had the decisive blow with a 3 run double and Thor looked great thru 6. #34 developed a blister on a finger and will move back a day in the rotation yet should be ok. On the medical front, Steven Matz has been diagnosed with strained flexor tendon and will resume throwing in late April. Do not count on seeing the injury prone starter till June. Meanwhile, Seth Lugo got the bill for his great performance for the Puerto Rican team in the World Baseball Classic and it is not good. He has seen two doctors and has a partially torn UCL in his throwing elbow. Lugo will rest for 2 weeks and be reevaluated then. Suddenly, the Mets pitching depth is an issue. This team needs …Matt… GULP…Harvey to pitch well. #HUGE Not a fan but he is on the team. #LGM

April 3, 2017

Team and MLB preview

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I picked the Mets to win the World Series last year and through a malady of injuries that would make Evel Knievel proud, this team some how made the playoffs. This is a better, deeper, healthier team with a good blend of vets, kids, arms and bats. Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson work as well together as any manager-GM tandem in the sport and The Mets are in position to be good for years to come. NY also has trade capital, loads of position players coming and a rabid fan base who is packing Citi Field. The time to win is now and this team will win the World Series in 2017.


My surprise players? Wilmer Flores and… Jay Bruce. #Watch


AL Playoff Teams:

Toronto, Cleveland, Seattle(Division Champions)

Texas,Houston(Wild Card teams)

NL Playoff Teams:

Mets, Cubs, Dodgers(Div Champs)

St Louis, San Francisco(WC teams)

MVPs: Carlos Correa(AL), Nolan Arenado(NL)

CY Youngs: Danny Duffy(AL), Noah Syndergaard NL)

Flop TeamsBoston Red Sox(AL), Washington(NL)

Surprise TeamsColorado, KC Royals 

World Series:  Mets over Houston 



April 2, 2017

Mets opening day lineup, Batting Order

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1. Jose Reyes-3B

2. Asdrubal Cabrera-SS

3. Yoenis Cespedes-LF

4. Curtis Granderson-CF

5. Neil Walker-2B

6. Jay Bruce-RF

7. Lucas Duda-1B

8. Travis d’Arnaud-C 

Noah Syndergaard pitching 

Mets 2017 Season opening roster

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DL: David Wright, Jaun Lagares, Seth Lugo, Steven Matz and Brandon Nimmo

Starting Lineup Rotation Bench Bullpen
1. Jose Reyes 9. Noah Syndergaard 14. Wilmer Flores 19. Addison Reed
2. Asdrubal Cabrera 10. Jacob deGrom 15. Michael Conforto 20. Hansel Robles
3. Yoenis Cespedes 11. Matt Harvey 16. Rene Rivera 21. Jerry Blevins
4. Curtis Granderson 12. Robert Gsellman 17. T.J. Rivera 22. Josh Smoker
5. Neil Walker 13. Zack Wheeler 18. Ty Kelly 23. Josh Edgin
6. Lucas Duda 24. Fernando Salas
7. Jay Bruce 25. Rafael Montero
8. Travis d’Arnaud

Mets 2017

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March 30, 2017

Transition Year?

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The New York Mets are loaded with arms and have a potentially great team but here is something crazy to think about for a team that could and should win 90 plus games and is a serious World Series contender: more than 50% of the everyday lineup could be different in 2018. OFs Curtis Granderson and Jay Bruce as well as SS Asdrubal Cabrera and 2B Neil Walker are without contracts beyond 2017. Add to that the health issues with 3B David Wright and the critical bend or break campaigns for 1B Lucas Duda and C Travis d’Arnaud and this Mets could be a whole new team in April 2018. The good news? New York has a pipeline of touted prospects led by SS Ahmed Rosario and 1B Dominic Smith close to major league ready heading into 2017.


Wheeler makes rotation, Conforto, Kelly on roster

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Zach Wheeler has made the Mets rotation as the 4th starter, per GM Sandy Alderson. The talented righty has missed two full seasons with Tommy John surgery and will be on an innings limit of around 125. Seth Lugo and a surging Rafael Montero will compete for the final pitching roster spot. Lefty Steven Matz(Elbow) has been shut down for 3 weeks Position players wise with Juan Lagares(Oblique) likely to open season on DL, both Michael Conforto and Ty Kelly have been told they have made the big club. Meanwhile, closer Jeurys Familia will workout and pitch at the Mets academy in the Dominican Republic as he serves his 15 game domestic violence suspension.

March 29, 2017

Familia gets 15, Camp notes

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New York Mets all star closer Jeurys Familia has been suspended for the 1st 15 games of the season as result of an offseason domestic dispute. Elite set up man Addison Reed will get most of the save opportunities with maybe Hansel Robles and Fernando Salas getting an odd shot. Meanwhile,  Steven Matz(elbow) will not open the season with the big club and the team is hopeful that OF Juan Lagares(Oblique) can after his MRI came back clean. Skipper Terry Collins confirmed that Jacob de Grom and Matt Harvey will follow Noah Syndergaard in the opening series vs the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field.

March 26, 2017

Matz: Mets Mess

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Mets LHP Steven Matz has irritation in his surgically repaired left elbow and will skip a start. The often injured southpaw has battled shoulder and other assorted maladies since 2010. #32 is not concerned and will resume throwing Monday. But even Mets GM Sandy Alderson mentioned Matz’ struggles staying healthy with this latest episode. Meanwhile, Robert Gsellman will join Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom in the rotation with either Seth Lugo or Zack Wheeler being the 5th starter. Position players wise, Juan Lagares(oblique) came up lame late in the week and red hot Michael Conforto(.346 with 3 spring homeruns) might have found his opportunity to break with the big club. As my Media Diva friend @KHoekstra famously says “It’s always something” … #LGM

March 21, 2017

Mets dominant arms talk of camp

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The New York Mets know they have talented arms and the biggest issue is keeping them all healthy. Good news so far in camp as Msrs Syndergaard, de Grom and Matz look great but add Matt Harvey and Rafael “Remember Me” Montero to the list of weapons. #33 has gone 0-4 in the spring but is throwing 96 in the 5th inning and sounds good which is a big deal physically and mentally. Montero has gone back to attacking hitters and getting ahead in the count. He gets in trouble when he nibbles and Mets management-coaches have seemed to instill this “you are good, trust your stuff” approach. Zack Wheeler also looks strong as he continues to comeback from a 2 year Tommy John surgery recovery period. Robert Gsellman looks to be the 5th starter as the season opens and has been really impressive in camp. Meanwhile, Seth Lugo has emerged as the ace of the Puerto Rico squad in the World Baseball Classic. You can never have enough pitching and the Mets have it up and down, East and West, North and South and Left and right. #LGM

March 11, 2017

Deep Depth

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The New York Mets have the most players participating in the 2017 World Baseball Classic for many reasons: They have a talented team but also one that is young, diverse and multicultural. And the numbers could and would be higher if 3B David Wright was healthy. The point is the Mets are good, have both arms and bats and players from all parts of the Earth. This translates to the current 25 roster as we head towards April. Even with Wright hurt, Jose Reyes and Wilmer Flores can play Third and the team is not lost.  OF Michael Conforto is hitting missiles everywhere at a .580 clip yet could open the season in Triple A Las Vegas due to a lack of defined role, playing time. The depth extends to the pitching staff where Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman can spot start, relieve or end up in the minors. Meanwhile, former star P Zack Wheeler is throwing 94 MPH as he continues to come back from Tommy John Surgery in 2015. Memo: The 2017 New York Mets are good. #LGM

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