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October 4, 2015

Matz status up in the air as Mets prepare to travel to Los Angeles to face Dodgers

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The New York Mets have set their rotation for the 1st 3 games of the National League division series vs the NL West Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. Jacob de Grom starts game 1 and will be followed by Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey. Then things get interesting. The team would like to start LH Steven Matz, who is battling a stiff back. He will throw long toss Monday and if that goes well, he will have a bullpen session Tuesday followed by a 90 pitch session in Florida. If he cannot go, the team could start veterans Bartolo Colon or Jon Niese as well as de Grom on short rest. Meanwhile, the team sent down Pitchers Bobby Parnell, Logan Verrett, C Anthony Recker, INF-OF Eric Campbell and INF-OF Eric Young Jr to Florida to stay in game shape in case of injury in the postseason. INF Juan Uribe(Chest) has not improved and is more likely out of this series. The team does not have to set their roster until Friday, so GM Sandy Alderson and skipper Terry Collins have time to make important decisions on the lineup, bench and pitching staff.

October 3, 2015

Mets lose control of Home Field destiny

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The New York Mets lost 2 games Saturday and saw a lineup filled with backups get dominated by Max Scherzer, who  K-ed 17 and threw a no hitter. Only an error by an infielder prevented a perfect game in the 2nd game of a doubleheader. Both SNY announcers Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez raved about how great Scherzer pitched. The Los Angeles Dodgers now have a 1.5 game lead with 1 game to go and are winning their game vs the Padres 2-1 in the 9th. A win tonight, tomorrow or a Mets loss gives the Dodgers home field in the 1st round of the playoffs. New York have lost 5 straight and are slumping offensively as Mets skipper Terry Collins tries to find the  difference between  rest and rust. The regular season concludes Sunday with a single game vs the Nats at Citi Field.

Mets enter weekend seeking Homefield vs the Dodgers

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The New York Mets face a vanquished division rival in the Washington Nationals twice today(Rain cancelled Friday’s game) and in a single contest Sunday to help determine who has home field in the up coming National League division series vs the NL West Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. LA leads the Mets by a half a game but New York holds the tiebreaker and has a game in hand. NY also has Noah Syndergaard and Matt Harvey pitching Saturday in cold, wet weather vs a demoralized and broken Nats team. However, NY has been resting pitchers and position players as well as dealing with injuries to Juan Uribe(Chest) and Steven Matz(Back, side soreness). NY has not officially set their rotation-roster for the postseason and is not required to until October 8th. The team dodged a major hurdle when Yoenis Cespedes(Hand) checked out OK after being hit in the hand Wednesday. The Mets match up well vs the Dodgers but with so many young players-many among the Pitchers- opening at home would help. Manager Terry Collins will look to win these 3 games but not tax or overextend any key players to the point where they are in danger of missing any playing time in the postseason.

September 26, 2015

Mets do It: Team clinches 1st NL East crown since 2006

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Mets NLE 2015

The New York Mets have been one of the best stories in Baseball in 2015 and they rewarded their fans Saturday night when they clinched the NL East for the 1st time since 2006.  Led by dominant young pitching, this team overcame key injuries to stars all year to overtake the heavily favored Washington Nationals and ran away with the division over the seasons final quarter.  Key trades over the 2nd half, added Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson, Yoenis Cespedes, Tyler Clippard and Addison Reed and they all contributed to the late season surge. Rookie call ups to Noan Syndergaard, Steven Matz and Michael Conforto all stepped in and delivered. When their closer was suspended twice for PEDS, Jeurys Familia took over and dominated. Steady veterans like Curtis Granderson,Michael Cuddyer, Jon Niese and staff leader Bartolo Colon showed leadership and how to be pros. Daniel Murphy came to the ballpark, battled injuries and fielded 3 of the 4 infield spots. And he hit WHEREVER he  was playing. Lucas Duda was challenged to  produce, He did. Captain David Wright-who has been with this team since 2004- missed 4.5 months with a serious back injury, homered in his 1st at bat back then hit a decisive 3 run shot in tonights clincher. Finally, Skipper Terry Collins- who should win the NL Manager of the Year award- in a landslide. He is the oldest manager in major leagues and made the postseason for the 1st time after managing almost 1700 games. This man stayed here with the Mets over the development stages in the last 5 years, he played kids, lost but they competed and got better. He is great to fans, the media and is a class act. Just like his team. The 2015 NL East Champions. Hats off, Mets!

Magic Number #1

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The New York Mets enter play Saturday afternoon with their magic number to clinch the NL East at 1. With a win or loss by the 2nd place Washington Nationals, the team clinches their first division title-postseason birth since 2006. The Mets are almost 100% guaranteed to draw the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Division series in what should be an exciting match-up. 2015 has been an incredible year for the team and the management as well- Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins should collect awards of this  season and with the right mix of health and good fortune, the Mets could be very dangerous in postseason play. As soon as the team clinches, the entire focus of the organization should be on preparing for the playoffs, so rest, role definition and setting the pitching is key.

September 20, 2015

Matt Harvey 1, Mets 0

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Mets fans will rest easy tonight. Their self pronounced ace of the staff pitched 5 great innings and he should be good to go for 2016 and in his eyes, 2018. Matt Harvey was great Sunday but how he has behaved since Late August is destructive to his team, the Mets. This is a player who campaigned to pitch in September.. of 2014. The team said no. He watched to pitch a complete game in Yankee Stadium in the 1st round of this years Subway Series. Manager Terry Collins pulled him. Matt Harvey campaigned to finish the game. The team then went to a 6 man rotation to protect all the teams prize young arms. Harvey complained to the media. All of these decisions were based on keeping Matt healthy. Then the circus that #33 and his agent, Scott “Satan” Boras unleashed on a young, exciting team, its tortured fan base and management team that has worked to both have him pitch and be healthy long term, hit in Late August.

I have been a Mets fan since 1980. Tonight they made history. I wanted them to lose. I am so completely disgusted with both this player and how this franchise continues to defend him. I feel for manager Terry Collins, who is  a good baseball guy and better man, having to deal with this shit show. He can say how much a character guy and competitor Harvey is but at the same time, this player supports his inning-pitch limits, placing himself over the other members of his team. Why is he here? I know this is a job and he makes a living by playing but I have seen guys like Curt Schilling and Pedro Martinez pitch put together with bailing wire and needle and thread to win for their team. This guy is about himself and getting paid. He does not care about his team and/or teammates and on a team that has been a joy to watch, he has deflated the balloon. I will let the Mets Captain David Wright speak for both his team and fans: “I think that we’d like to have Matt on the mound. But he wasn’t. I guess we’ve got to deal with it.” And that is why Matt Harvey is wrong and if he is on the Mets in 2016, I will looking for another team to support. He is a disgrace.


September 17, 2015

Subway Series, Magic #9

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The Mets gained a game off the magic number to claim the 2015 National League East Thursday when the Nationals lost on New York’s off day. The team would love to clinch before they hit the Road after September 23rd but the priority is getting healthy and resting key Mets as the postseason approaches. Terry Collins sits 3-4 good major league players each night with his deep and versatile bench. The team hosts their hated rival, the Yankees, starting this weekend and the baseball world is focusing on these games and the drama involving Matt Harvey, who reportedly will start the Sunday night game but will throw on a pitch-innings limit. I said this when Harvey and his agent did what they did 2 weeks ago- SEND HIM HOME. Not a team player, he does not want to pitch and he should NEVER pitch for the New York Mets again. This team is one of the better stories in this sport and its alleged star could not care less.  A general rule for sports is this: focus on winning and good things will follow. This pisses me off and the team and its fans have spent too much time on this loser. Matt Harvey is a disgrace.

September 15, 2015

Cespedes- POW literally… Mets win 8th straight, Magic #10

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Mets OF Yoenis Cespedes was named National League Player of the Week on  the week where he and his agent made a small concession that could and should extend his stay in Flushing. Midweek he agreed to void the 5 day window in his contact, a provision that was added to prevent his last team from keeping him off the market with a qualifying offer. That team would have 5 days to sign him after the conclusion of the World Series then he would not be able to sign with that club until May 15. Now he can sign with the Mets or any other team, meanwhile, NY is said to be preparing a mega offer to keep #32 in a Mets uniform long term.

To say Cespedes has had an impact on this club is like saying Cable has helped Television. Going into Monday nights game, He has 16 homers and 41 rbi with a .308 BA-680 SLP- 1.033 OPS in 40 games, He homered last night as well. The team is 29-11 with Cespedes in the lineup and in September, he is hitting .385 with 5 home runs, 15 rbi and a 1.407 OPS. The Mets used a late rally AGAIN to win 4-3 with C Travis D’Arnaud hitting a two run shot to tie and Captain David Wright drove home the winner, an rbi double in the 7th. The team is 13-3 with #5 in the lineup and has won 8 straight overall. New York’s lead in 9.5 games in the NL East, their magic number stands at 10 and the club has clinched its 1st winning season since 2008. Yes, It is a good no GREAT time to be a Mets fan.

September 13, 2015

Mets win 7 straight has commanding 9.5 game lead in NL East, Magic Number 11

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The New York Mets swept thru the Washington Nationals in DC with 3 bone crushing wins and carried the momentum into Georgia taking 4 straight in Atlanta to cap maybe the best week of Baseball the team has played since 1986. Late inning heroics from the entire roster- stars(David Wright, Yoenis Cespedes) to role players(Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Kelly Johnson) -had big hits and the bullpen completely out pitched the rival Nats. The Nationals top late inning relievers-Drew Storen and Jonathon Papelbon- both gave up game winning homers in the series.  When you factor in Washington set their rotation to have their big 3 pitch(Scherzer, Zimmerman and Strasburg), this sweep might be the point at which The Nationals season died.  The Mets have won an incredible 15 games in which they trailed since August 1st. The team then came into Atlanta and punished an overmatched , rebuilding Braves club that is mess pitching wise, particularly in the bullpen. Today, they rallied down 7-4 with 2 outs to get two runners on before INF Daniel Murphy hit a tremendous game tying homer to Right center. The Mets plated 3 runs in extras to complete an incredible week.

September 7, 2015

Matt Harvey statement

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My opinion on #33 has not changed and will not change. I view him as a disloyal, unreliable team killer motivated by selfish desires  devoid of team goals. Matt Harvey  must be  moved this offseason. I am not going to comment  further regarding this whole mess. I will just post statements from both he and the team in this regard. I am completely and utterly disgusted with this “man” and his agent, Satan.


Matt Harvey statement from the Players Tribune, Sept 6,2015:

“You’ve heard about the 180-185 innings cap. That seems to be the number that will allow me to pitch into the postseason. Regardless of those numbers, I hope everyone knows: I have always wanted to play. I have always wanted to pitch every single chance I get.

Especially in the playoffs.

Right now we’re hunkered down in a fight to make the postseason. All of our efforts are focused on that task. As a team, we understand that there’s still a lot of baseball left to play. The chance to make a run in the playoffs will require our full dedication, energy and passion. This is an incredibly exciting time to be part of the Mets.

As an athlete, when your surgeon explains to you the risks of exceeding a certain number of innings, it can be alarming. You listen. I love to play baseball and I love winning even more. I would not give that up for anything. I also know I want to be able to play and win for a long time. But there has never been a doubt in my mind: I will pitch in the playoffs. I will be healthy, active and ready to go.

I am communicating with my agent, my doctor, Sandy and the entire Mets organization. I can assure everyone that we’re all on the same page.

Together, we are coming up with a plan to reach an innings limit during the season. It will be a compromise between the doctors and the Mets organization to get me, and the team, to where we need to be for our postseason run.

I understand the risks. I am also fully aware of the opportunity the Mets have this postseason. Winning the division and getting to the playoffs is our goal.

Once we are there, I will be there.”

September 5, 2015

Commentary: Dark Knight becomes the Dark Nothing as Harvey, Boras turn amazing season into circus

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Today was a sad day for both me and the fans of the New York Mets and we were both reminded that pro sports are a business. Thanks to Matt Harvey and his agent, Scott Boras, an incredible turnaround season is now the secondary story. Over the last 24 hours, Boras reported that team doctors and the top surgeon in the sport(Dr. James Andrews) capped Harvey’s innings at 180 as he returns from Tommy John Surgery. This was a sharp contrast to statements from the team over the past 5-6 months who skipped some of Harvey’s starts, pulled him from games and instituted a 6 man rotation to both preserve his health and have him pitching the postseason. Reportedly, the Boras camp notified Mets GM Sandy Alderson about the innings limit on August 29th. Harvey currently stands at 166 innings and is scheduled to pitch Tuesday. #33 spoke to reporters before tonight’s game and restated that 180 is the number he always considered his limit for 2015.

I would like to thank Matt Harvey for his contribution to the New York Mets over his stay in Queens and wish him well. I also would NEVER allow him to wear that uniform again after this nonsense. The players on this team- HIS TEAMMATES- should feel betrayed. This team with players like Wilmer Flores(cried when he thought he traded), David Wright(Playing with a serious back condition) and Juan Lagares(Elite defender battling bad elbow all year) has grabbed the city and baseball world. A selfish, me 1st player and his scumbag agent are now lying down and quitting on them and this team. FOR MONEY. Boras pulled this same BS with the division rival Washington Nationals in 2012 with Stephen Strasburg but he told them about innings numbers all year. NOT AUGUST 29TH.

I have been watching baseball and sports since I was 5 years old and would be hard pressed to find a time when I was more disgusted with a player. Matt Harvey- Mr Tough Guy- Mr. Dark Knight- Mr. New York- blah, blah, blah. Add NO Mas to his titles. Quitter. I could see if he was hurt, he is not. He is perfectly healthy. The team has worked to keep him that way. He seemed onboard. Heck, he complains when they pull him or skip his turn. What happened? Boras. Thats what happens a lot in the world of MLB. The Mets and their Marine-Vietnam vet GM Sandy Alderson are not intimidated by his clown tactics so he misled and misrepresented, dropping this bomb on a date where the team has few options but to cave. What pitcher of consequence can you add on September 6th? UNBELIEVABLE

When this all unfolded over the last 10-12 hours, I was at work and checking online. The story changed and was updated, Mets beatwriters-reporters sided with team,killing Boras and more importantly, Harvey. As Michael Jordan once famously said to super agent David Falk  “You work for me, not the other way around”. Reports have Alderson meeting with Harvey to resolve this situation Monday in Washington and Mets skipper Terry Collins saying post game Saturday  this is not Matt Harvey, it is against his character. Terry, Character shows with both words and actions. Today, your pitcher quit on you, this team, his teammates and this city. He should be sent back home and  to the worst place they can trade him this offseason. Mark down September September 5th as the day Matt Harvey went from the Dark Knight to Dark Nothing.

August 30, 2015

Reed trade aids Tired Pen, Mets Notes

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Mets GM Sandy Alderson continues to add pieces to the Major League club and he recognized the team was short a late inning reliever. Late Saturday, he added veteran Addison Reed to the bullpen for 2 minor leaguers. Reed has been a closer for both the Chicago White Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks, saving 101 games from 2011-2014. He had a rough start in 2015 ,losing the closer job and was demoted to the minors. After regaining form in the minors, Reed was great when he was recalled-1.65 ERA with no home runs allowed with 16 1/3 innings. Ideally, he slides into the 7th inning role and can pitch the 8th or 9th when either Tyler Clippard or Jeurys Familia need a blow. Reed can also serve as a lefty specialist- he has held southpaws to a .242 clip in 2015. The big picture here is Mets skipper Terry Collins has some options and arms in late inning slots. Clearly, Alderson has seen the value of a strong and deep relief corps in recent postseason play.

Mets Notes: OF-1B Michael Cuddyer has been dynamite since returning from a knee injury. He has been both productive and clutch in August, hitting .375 with 2 HRs and 8 RBI in 48 at bats. Having Michael Conforto, Juan Lagares and Kelly Johnson as bench outfield options does not hurt either… Familia has been incredible in August(8 for 8 in save opportunities, has not allowed a run) and was throwing a 96 MPH splitter and 100 MPH fastball. Good luck, Hitters. Jeurys has 35 saves and should break the team club record of 43….The Mets will call up 4 position players Tuesday as part of the September 1st roster expansion: INF-OFs Eric Campbell and Eric Young Jr, C Kevin Plawecki and OH Kirk Nieuwenhuis. All 4 of these players have been with the team before and fit great as back-up bench types. Young Jr. could be a hidden gem here after the team reacquired him in a trade with the Atlanta Braves. He is an elite base stealer and could win this team games in the postseason. The Mets have 2-3 pitchers on the DL who will also be added to the team in September, led by Bobby Parnell, Steven Matz and Erik Goeddel.


August 24, 2015

Signs of Something special in Amazing Night

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Anytime a team wins a championship, they need breaks with health and so forth as well as good fortune. Often you see crazy and/or historic things happen and their fans think “This could be our year.” Monday night in Philadelphia was one of those nights for the New York Mets. Pitcher Jacob de Grom had a rare rough outing but he is bottom feeder of this story. The team’s captain, 3B David Wright, playing for the 1st time since April 14, hit a blast into the upper deck in his 1st at bat. When the franchise’s guy since his call up in  2004 does that you think Hollywood is writing the script.  That home run was one of a team record 8 with only Ruben Tejada and de Grom being the only starters not to leave the yard, with 2B Wilmer Flores hitting 2. The Mets hit 15 extra base hits, a franchise high and won 16-7. This team has that look and to me, The Flores trade/non-trade- game winning homer episode might have turned the worm. The trade never happened and the Mets got a better return for lesser price. And New York has not looked back. #DANGEROUS


STAT OF THE YEAR: Mets are 50-8 when scoring 4 or more runs.



August 23, 2015

As Mets sweep Rockies, The Captain is set to return, Updates on Matz, Duda

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The New York Mets rode an offensive onslaught in their first 2 games in Denver vs the Pitching poor Colorado Rockies and a great outing from spot starter Logan Verrett Sunday to sweep the road series. Yoenis Cespedes had a 3 homer, 7 rbi game Friday and the entire lineup punished Colorado pitchers Saturday with 8 doubles and the team batted around one inning without recording an out. Both wins had identical 14-9 scores. Sunday, the team sat Matt Harvey for a start to preserve #33 for October and into the future but Verrett made Mets fans forget about the Dark Knight with 8 strong innings allowing 1 run and K-ing 8. When you sit a player and get a great performance from his fill in, this happens in years when you raise a flag and hoist a trophy. Sign of special season, team, year. The 2015 Mets are poised to do special things and the future is bright as well. This was a good weekend.

CAPTAIN COMEBACK: Mets captain and 3B David Wright(Back) is set to be in the lineup Monday in Philadelphia after completing his rehab assignment late this week. He will not be an everday player and the team will manage his back but with players like Juan Uribe and Daniel Murphy being capable 3B, this should not be an issue. Monday will mark his 1st ML game action since Arpil 14th.

METS NOTES: LHP Steven Matz(Oblique) has progressed well in rehab games and should rejoin the team and pitch around Sept 2, per team sources…. 1B Lucas Duda(Back) was placed on the DL after aggravating the injury in Denver. Michael Cuddyer and Murphy can play the spot short term and Duda has flown to California to see some of the doctors who treated Wright…. Quietly interesting trade: The Mets reacquired OF-INF Eric Young Jr from the Atlanta Braves recently. He has been assigned to AAA Las Vegas and will be a September Call Up. Mark my words: He wins a game in the home stretch or playoffs with his base stealing-running prowess.

August 19, 2015

4 Veterans key to Mets surprising 2015

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While the talk of why the 2015 New York Mets success has centered around their dominant pitching and trade acquisitions, do not look past 4 veterans and their part in the turnaround. INF Daniel Murphy plays 2B, 3B and even some 1B when asked and always gives you good at bats and is one of the better teammates you could ever have. Watch him in postgame interviews and he is talks about the other 24 guys- pitchers, so and so’s at bat before his double,etc. #28 is hitting .338 in August with 3 homers and 11 RBI. LHSP Jon Niese has been traded by fans and media 25K times in the last year. Yet outside of a rough May(ERA just under 6 in 6 games), the senior Mets pitcher has 4 sub 3.00 ERA Months and has posted 2.87 and 2.70 in July and August. He has stayed healthy and has 16 quality starts in 23 opportunities. Meanwhile, RF Curtis Granderson leads the team with 22 home runs and has led off the game with a homer a major league high 7 times. The veteran clearly has responded to the hiring of his former hitting coach Kevin Long and been huge. Finally, a former whipping boy of this blogger, SS Ruben Tejada, who has not only shut me up but won me over with solid hitting(.303 post all star break,.260 or better  3 of last 4 months) and consistent defense in the field. He gets a blow from Wilmer Flores on the odd day and has really responded well to a challenge from Mets skipper Terry Collins and grabbed the starting job. Without these 4 stepping up, this team is looking up not down in the standings.

August 10, 2015

1st Place Mets continue to play well, Wright rehabbing, Mets MASH

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The New York Mets rode the momentum of a 3 game weekend sweep of 1st place Washington into a 6 day road trip down in Florida and they played well, winning 4 of 6 and have a 1.5 game lead in the NL East. The improved offense is noticeable after the recent trade additions and a healthy return of C Travis d’Arnaud has also helped. Manager Terry Collins mentioned tonight in his post game how much deeper the team is. This team actually has good players on the bench now and can rest a player and sub in an actual proven major leaguer. A luxury this team did not have 2-3 weeks ago. New York is 8-2 in its last 10 and 60-52 on the year.

CAPTAIN COMEBACK: Mets captain-3B David Wright(Spinal Stenosis) played DH in Class A minor league game and was 1 for 3 with a walk and run. He estimates he will need at least 30 plate appearances before he is ready to play in major league game. He will play the field Tuesday. Mets manager Terry Collins is keeping hopes to minimum and is smart to do so. New York has a battle to fight and they go on regardless of whether the cavalry arrives. This is a serious injury and as much as players and fans love Wright, anything production wise is gravy. Remember the Mets also have protection in Daniel Murphy and Juan Uribe if #5 cannot contribute. Pulling for the Captain!

METS MASH: OF-1B Michael Cuddyer(Knee) was activated from the DL Monday and is not guaranteed a starting spot but will play vs lefties and get some work at 1B as well. He can also play Right to spell veteran Curtis Granderson. The bigger news here is the team kept Michael Conforto with the team and he will still get regular playing time. Eric Campbell was sent to Las Vegas to create a roster spot for the veteran. LHRP Jerry Blevins(Forearm) re-broke his arm and is out for the year after he fell on a curb getting out of a car. LHSP Steven Matz(Oblique) will pitch a rehab game Saturday and throw 25 pitches. It is realistic that the talented rookie could rejoin the rotation after September 1. This is huge news as the Mets would like to curtail the amount of innings each of their young starters throw. Matz return would allow the team to use a 6 man rotation and end the pitch count-innings limit issue.


August 6, 2015

Terry Collins:The Underrated star of the 2015 New York Mets

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Yes, the New York Mets are now on a roll after recent trade activity plus the calling up of Outfielder Michael Conforto and stand in 1st place in the NL East. The pitching- particularly the rotation- has been dominant all year and closer Jeurys Familia has thrown at an all star level since April. With the additions of Yoenis Cespedes, Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson, the offense has exploded and given the team a real major league lineup. The one person people do not focus on regarding this team who deserves a ton of credit is Manager Terry Collins. The Mets skipper played without enough major league bats for 2 months, treaded water and kept the team afloat until General Manager Sandy Alderson struck , making the moves to augment a potential power. Collins rallied a slumping 1B Lucas Duda and has SS Ruben Tejada, a whipping boy for fans and this blogger, playing the best ball of his career. He kept INF Wilmer Flores upbeat in a time of crisis and continues to find ways to get him in games. Juan Lagares has battled injury and inconsistency all year and Collins has kept him involved while fielding the best possible team each day. All these additions have slotted guys like Eric Campbell, Uribe and Johnson into key bench weapons. Lagares can be a late inning defender and allows TC to mix and match Cespedes and Granderson in the outfield.  What the trades have done is illustrate what those who follow the team have known for a long time: Terry Collins can manage. The leader of the Mets should be a candidate for National League Manager of the year.

August 3, 2015

Mets carry incredible weekend momentum into Miami, 1st place,Mets Notes

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The New York Mets used an improved offense and their standard -power pitching- to a huge 3 game sweep over division leading Washington at Citi Field this weekend . Lucas Duda(9 home runs in 8 games) was a one man attack and the team hit 3 homers on 5 pitches Sunday while the big 3-Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard and Jacob de Grom- all pitched great.  As important as the sweep was, the team showed really maturity and toughness in Miami Monday. The Mets played late and got in early in the AM yet destroyed an over matched Marlins club 12-1. That win and a loss by the Nationals puts New York in 1st place ALONE on August 3rd. INCREDIBLE.  Offensively this team will never be the 1975 Cincinnati Reds but a solid attack is enough to get this team into the playoffs. The added talent and depth of a Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson and Yoenis Cespedes achieves this goal and a healthy return of C Travis d’Arnaud gives the Mets a dynamic catching platoon with Kevin Plawecki. RF Curtis Granderson is quietly having a good year and Daniel Murphy could hit on the moon. If Michael Conforto can continue to show the talent we have heard about, this team is scary good and could make fans in Queens real happy in October and all the teams in MLB sad.

METS NOTES: Syndergaard and Duda were named National League Pitcher and Player of the week…. Conforto hit his 1st ML homer Monday and would be at Triple A right now if OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis(Neck) was not placed on the DL post game Monday…. Lots of noise about the Mets and pitch limits with their young arms. Look for the team to use a spot starter here and there before that happens. You do not trade for Cespedes and the others and not try to pitch your best. On that front. LHP Steven Matz(Lat issue) threw off solid ground today and could be back in early September. Meanwhile, Dillon Gee has also pitched well in the minors…Lineup wise, Skipper Terry Collins has two every day infielders: 2b or 3B Murphy and 1B Duda. He has named Ruben Tejada his starting SS with Wilmer Flores getting some work as backup. Meanwhile, Uribe will play 3B when Murphy doesn’t and Flores and Johnson will also get some reps at 2B and OF respectively. Outfield wise, Juan Lagares has been benched with Cespedes playing Center and RF Granderson also getting some work in that spot. Conforto will play in LF at times when Yoenis is at CF. Lagares will play CF vs Lefties with The trade acquisition playing Left. Cespedes actually likes playing Center and told Collins this in meetings over the weekend. Amazing, how in 2 short weeks, a team with little offense or depth got so deep…. Flores is not the only Met who wants to stay in NY after almost being moved at the deadline. P Zack Wheeler had his agent reach out to GM Sandy Alderson then called him himself to express a desire to remain  in Queens. A really nice thing to here and a great message from a kid that gets it. His reasoning? I was here when we were bad, I want to be here when we are good. I like it.

August 1, 2015

Wilmer’s amazing week, Mets add Cespedes, send message, Mets MASH

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Wilmer Flores and the New York Mets had an interesting 72 hours and I  believe both will be better for it in the long run. The Mets and Milwaukee Brewers were working on a trade involving Center fielder Carlos Gomez for Flores and P Zack Wheeler and the teams were in the pending physical stage. News leaked out to the media mid game Wednesday and Flores became emotional when he believed he was done in NY. Manager Terry Collins was put in bad spot and team leaders like David Wright and Michael Cuddyer had to counsel Flores, who signed with the Mets at 16. Postgame, the trade did not go thru and the team appeared to have egg on its face. Then Friday happened and  New York GM Sandy Alderson somehow acquired a better player(OF Yoenis Cespedes) for a lesser package that did not involved ANY of the Big 5 pitchers-Matt Harvey, Jacob de Grom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz and Wheeler. The good feeling around the club carried into the start of the vital series vs the division leading Washington Nationals. Flores was given huge ovations in each at bat and got a standing O for a great fielding play early in the game. Then the unthinkable happened, Flores came to the plate with the score tied in the 12th and hit an amazing walk off home run that sent the team and Citi Field into a frenzy. Flores was mobbed at homeplate(see above picture) and the team had a huge victory and great moment for a popular teammate. Players like Curtis Granderson, Harvey and Daniel Murphy could not stop talking about how big this was for both the player and team. As Ron Darling said on SNY  said after the homer “The  trade  that wasn’t made might be the biggest hit all season.”

MESSAGE TIME: The Mets management and ownership take a lot of grief from media and fans, rightfully so at times but credit both with going for it in 2015. They added veteran pros last week(Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson), a high end reliever(Tyler Clippard) and an elite middle of the order bat(Cespedes) to augment a team that is ahead of schedule.  They have also  kept the foundation of a club that can be potentially dominant for years to come ,intact . More importantly, the players on the Mets know the team is invested in winning and winning now. Should be a fun final two months of the season.

METS MASH: Good news on the Mets medical front as well. C Travis d’Arnaud(Arm) is back with the team and played Friday. Look for Collins to platoon d’Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki til Travis is ready to catch 4-5 game a week. Wright(Back) continues to progress and could start rehab games this week. He basically is testing his body with baseball related activities to see how his body responds. LHRP Jerry Blevins(Arm) has also been cleared to resume throwing after scans showed the broken bone in his arm has healed. Meanwhile, Jenrry Mejia is gone for 162 after he somehow tested positive AGAIN for PEDs. It was unrelated at the time but the Clippard trade just became huge.



July 27, 2015

BREAKING METS NEWS: NY adds Clippard to pen. More to come? Trade, Conforto add energy

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The New York Mets added another versatile weapon Monday this time it was an arm as the team acquired veteran reliever Tyler Clippard from the Oakland A-s in exchange for an A level pitching prospect. Clippard was a member of the division rival Washington Nationals from(2008-14) and has pitched in variety of roles out of the pen, mainly as a 8th inning set up man.(He led the majors with 40 holds in 2014) In 2015, he has 17 saves(21 chances) and is 1-3. He has been dominant vs left handed batters( .100 this season, .183 career) and gives a deep pen reinforcements and options. Remember Jenrry Mejia is ineligible for postseason play due to his PED suspension and he is the current bridge to closer Jeurys Familia. This another indicator that the Mets and GM Sandy Alderson are going for it in 2015. The team has also been linked to big name bats like Cincinnati Reds RF Jay Bruce, Milwaukee Brewers CF Carlos Gomez and Colorado Rockies SS Troy Tulowitzki. Again, I am not for a move that costs one of the big 4 pitchers but I would trade Zack Wheeler, Juan Lagares and prospects for an elite bat under club control thru 2016. Ideally, I would look at 2 more small moves- one for a Outfielder who can play all 3 spots(Brewers Gerardo Parra, Padres Will Venable come to mind) and an everyday SS(Brewers Jean Segura, Chicago White Sox Alexi Ramirez) then attack in the offseason after we get a better idea where captain-3B David Wright is at.

Stating the obvious but adding Kelly Johnson, Juan Uribe and Michael Conforto has improved the offense. Lets be honest, adding a ham sandwich would due the same but you took at bats away from overmatched bench and 4A players and gave them to two pros who can play multiple positions. And Conforto comes as advertised. He has a great approach at the plate and brings intensity to the field defensively, he has already had two minor collisions with other Met Outfielders. This is not Mantle, Aaron and Mays but the Mets do not need that with their pitching. They need efficient offense and these 3 can be part of a winning formula. They also create competition and players do not want to be Wally Pip. Factor in that C Travis d’Arnaud is close to rejoining the team and if Wright comes back, wow. NY METS: DANGEROUS.


July 25, 2015

BREAKING METS NEWS: Team adds pro bats in Uribe, Johnson in trade with Braves

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The Mets and Manager Terry Collins finally got some reinforcements late Friday night when the team traded two prospects to division rival Atlanta for 3B Juan Uribe and INF-OF Kelly Johnson. This move allows Collins to mix and match his lineup and with current Met infielders like Daniel Murphy, Ruben Tejada and Wilmer Flores being able to play multiple positions, numerous options. Uribe, who gives the team David Wright insurance, has hit .272 with 8 home runs and 23 rbi, is 36. Johnson,33,  can play all over the place, is batting .275 , clubbed 9 home runs and driven in 34 runs. Both are free agents at the end of the year. This move gives the team pro bats and after you see a player like John Mayberry Jr. batting cleanup, you see obvious need for offense. These small moves could have big consequences for a pitching loaded Mets team. More importantly, they maintained their own major league roster and did not give up any major prospects. The team could still add a big bat in the Outfield and an everyday shortstop. Zack Wheeler’s name has been rumored in trade talks.

July 24, 2015

BREAKING METS NEWS: Conforto promoted as Cuddyer is DL-ed

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The Mets have promoted top prospect OF Michael Conforto and placed OF-1B Michael Cuddyer on the 15 day DL with a knee injury. Conforto is one of the top 10 hitting prospects in all of baseball, according to ESPN analyst Keith Law and was New York’s 1st round pick in the 2014 draft. The 22 year old Oregon State product had two hits and threw out a runner at home plate in the MLB Futures Game earlier this Month.  Mets skipper Terry Collins will give him regular playing time and still get others like Kirk Nieuwenhuis and John Mayberry Jr work as well. In Other words, If Conforto plays well, he is here to stay.

July 23, 2015


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With the 2nd half underway and trade deadline coming a week from Friday, Lets do a medical update on Several Key Mets. First, Michael Cuddyer continues to try to avoid the DL with his ailing knee and team doctors are hopeful after he changed medicines Thursday. If he is placed on the 15 day, the team could call up top prospect Outfielder Michael Conforto from Double A. Good news on C Travis d’Arnaud(Elbow) who started his rehab assignment today and could rejoin the club next week. The goal is to get him 25 at bats in minor league games before suiting up for the Mets. Captain David Wright has ramped up his back rehab and done some baseball related activities, he will continue to do so  next week but in New York, not Florida or California. LHP Steven Matz will have is partially torn lat muscle re-examined by doctors this week and we will have more information after that. Meanwhile, LHRP Jerry Blevins(Broken arm) will also see a doctor Monday and could be cleared to start throwing.

July 20, 2015

Trade deadline: Plan for 2015 and Beyond

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With the July 31st trade deadline approaching it is vital that the Mets have a plan for both this season and future years as well. The club has a mix of veterans and young position players on the current roster as well as a loaded pitching staff that includes some of the best young arms in the game. Lets take a look as July 31st draws near.
2015: The Mets have one major hole(Shortstop) on the current team that has no obvious answer on the major league club. Ruben Tejada has played hard but is best as a utility infielder, the more he plays, the more you realize this. The team does have a highly regarded prospect in Gavin Cecchini playing well at Double A as well as Matt Reynolds at AAA Las Vegas. However, many view Reynolds as a Ben Zobrist -Mark Loretta super sub type and not an everyday player. Cecchini is likely the answer and could be ready by the end of 2016 if he continues to play well. This position is one that can and should be addressed with a veteran rental type. Think Jean Segura from the Milwaukee Brewers or Alexi Ramirez from the Chicago White Sox.
New York could also use a outfielder who can play all 3 spots and spell veterans like Michael Cuddyer and Curtis Granderson. Juan Lagares has regressed in 2015 but I think it is due to injury- wear and tear, he reminds me a lot of Carlos Beltran in this way. He needs some time off and an occasional blow, Lagares gets beat up in the field. He has battled an elbow, side and leg issues since joining the team. Ideally, Kirk Nieuwenhuis could do the job but he has struggled offensively since day 1 in 2015. Gerardo Parra(Milwaukee) would be a great fit.  A dream scenario has the Mets somehow getting a big time bat Outfielder  ala Justin Upton(San Diego Padres) or Yoenis Cespedes(Detroit Tigers), two free agents to be after 2015. The issue here is both Cuddyer (Signed thru 2016) and  Granderson(Thru 2017)  have long term deals and one would have to sit almost nightly. Any change regarding Cuddyer’s knee injury impacts 2015 as well, his leg has not improved in July.
I think the team is set at Second and Third Base for the remainder of the season. I am a big Wilmer Flores guy and like him at 2B much more than short and the team has Dilson Herrera in Las Vegas as well. This spot should be good for the next 5 seasons. Whether Captain David Wright can recover from his back injury or not, I am fine with either #5 or Daniel Murphy at Third. The market for 3rd baggers is not filled with George Brett and Mike Schmidt, I am not trading good young players for declining veterans or unproven kids, I want to give up real assets for an area where we lack talent.I also like 1B Lucas Duda, who started off great and has slumped with the burden of carrying the offense with all the injuries throughout the ballclub.  C is also a strength of the team even with Travis d’Arnaud battling 2 seperate injuries. Rookie Kevin Plawecki has shown he is a major league catcher and the team has good backups as well led by Anthony Recker. 
THE FUTURE:  The team has some key veterans who are free agents after 2015, headlined by Veteran Starting pitcher Bartolo Colon and Murphy. Reliever Bobby Parnell is also up and SP Dillon Gee could be non tendered, the Mets could easily add a veteran major league player with a big bat and/or everyday shortstop being a realistic goal. Wright’s health could add another need and impact whether the club attempts to sign Murphy. Two of the teams top prospects are dominating AA and are Outfielders- Michael Conforto and Brandon Nimmo. They could be major league ready by 2016, so a long term commitment to any Outfielder does not make sense. The team is loaded with arms and could trade a Zack Wheeler to improve the field team. Outside of a major league shortstop, this team does not have many serious needs or gaping holes. Even if a player such as Duda fails, the Mets have a young 1B Dominic Smith, a former 1st rd pick, tearing it up in the minors. New York with an additional  bat or two, should be contending for years to come.

July 17, 2015

Mets set rotation as 2nd Half begins

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The New York Mets have announced their 2nd half rotation as they begin a vital stretch to close out the Month of July. Rookie Noah Syndergaard will open up in St. Louis followed by veterans Jon Niese and Bartolo Colon. This means that the Mets will have Jacob de Grom, Matt Harvey and Syndergaard will be in line to pitch vs the 1st place during next weeks battle with the 1st place Washington Nationals. I cannot emphasize enough how important the end of July is, the team’s performance will help dictate how active the Mets are with the July 31st trading deadline approaching.

July 15, 2015

Mets Franchise Four

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The New York Mets and all the other franchises in major league baseball had their 4 greatest players- as selected by fan voting- announced at the All Star Game Tuesday night: P Tom Seaver, C Mike Piazza, 1B Keith Hernandez and 3B David Wright. Let me start by saying I have been a Mets fan since 1980 and I have seen all 4 of these gentleman play. These lists are hard to do but I try to apply rules for tie breakers: I favor home grown players, championships, and good people who excelled on and off the field. After that, I look at traded players making an impact and changing the culture. Seaver is a no brainer(Look at the name of this blog!) and Wright has been the face of this team since he came up in 2004. My dilemma was a final three of Piazza, Hernandez and OF Darryl Strawberry. Piazza and Hernandez were both great, great players and team leaders who gave the team massive credibility the minute they took the field at Shea. Hernandez is the best defensive 1B I have ever seen and Piazza the best offensive catcher of all time. I would favor Keith and this is why: He came the team when they were the New York MESS not Mets and signed here long term. That one move changed the image of the franchise. Piazza was the final piece- think Gary Carter, Bobby Ojeda- to a team that was close to making the playoffs. Let me say this- I LOVE Mike Piazza. Now Strawberry. Maybe the single greatest talent the team has ever drafted, he was amazing to watch and had athleticism coming out of his pours. He teamed with Dwight Gooden to give the franchise the premier young arm and position player in the game in the early 80s. I saw every game he ever played for the team, loved watching #18. But when I make a final list Straws off field issues while with the team have to count for something and I think the fans got this right.#41,#5,#17,#31… The Franchise Four for the New York Mets.

All Star game- break should remind fans to be patient, prudent

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The Mets surprising season has many calling for the team to make a major trade to bolster an injured and flawed roster. Yes, the team has great pitching and has played great at home. But they need 2-3 everyday players- A STARTING SHORTSTOP!!!!!!- to make the postseason. i favor letting guys develop and adding veterans to fill specific roles. If Wright, d’Arnaud and Matz do not come back, it is on to 2016. folks. Nobody wants this team to succeed more than this blogger but I also understand this is a process and when I watched the All Star game a great example of why fans need to patient was apparent. A couple of years ago when the Mets were in rebuild mode, they had a local player in sight to select in the draft. Unfortunately, they spent their 1st round pick(Compensation rules on signing top tier free agents) on a closer and could not make take the player. Good news for Mets fans though, the pitcher was in the all star game last night- Francisco Rodriquez. But he was pitching for the Milwaukee Brewers. That other guy NY wanted to draft? MIKE TROUT.

July 14, 2015

de Grom dominant in NL All Star game loss

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The National League lost the All Star game 6-3  but the Mets lone all star- pitcher Jacob de Grom- was not a reason why. In the 6th inning(de Grom’s only inning), he struck out the side. On 10 pitches. Here is the list of all the other pitchers in major league baseball history who have achieved this….(CRICKETS). NOBODY.

That is not a typo. Jacob de Grom is the ONLY player in the history of major league baseball to accomplish that feat. I could not be happier for the Mets 2nd yr starter and anyone who reads this blog knows I am bullish on the righty. Heck, I have him on BOTH my fantasy teams!(Matt Harvey too BTW) The young man is special and as a Mets fan it is fun to have others see that. Great kid too. Part of  strong present and brighter future!

July 12, 2015

Nieuwenhuis’ amazing day caps great end to the 1st half as Mets win 7 of 9

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Captain Kirk had a HUGE Sunday, becoming the 1st Met in franchise history to hit 3 home runs at home, leading New York to a 5-3 win and series sweep over the Arizona Diamonbacks. Kirk Nieuwenhuis,long a favorite of this blogger, had been released TWICE this year, traded and did something no other player in franchise history had done in 54 years. He was hitting .091 going into action today, Thats baseball! More importantly, we have a player who can help this team heading forward as a 4th Outfielder, platoon option. Kirk can play defense and is well liked by his teammates and Manager. These team has veterans on the corners and a young centerfielder who is battling physically. It would not be hard to find playing time for #9 3,4 days a week on this team.

Meanwhile, what a whirlwind of offensive upswing for a beleaguered club. The team went 414 plate appearances between home runs and 9 games without a 4 bagger by players not named Curtis Granderson. However, the Mets have scored 15 straight runs  on homers- wnning 4 straight and even pitchers(Matt Harvey) have gotten in on the act. The team tends to hit better at Citi Field and overall the team has played great at their homefield)32-14) after being sub .500 for yrs at their new stadium. Any offensive improvement would go along way towards getting this team into the Post Season for the 1st time since 2006.

July 9, 2015

BREAKING METS NEWS: Matz out 3 weeks with Lat injury

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The New York Mets promising season has again been detoured by a familiar adversary: Injury. Promising rookie LHP Steven Matz(2-0,1.32 ERA with 14 Ks in 13 2/3 innings in 2 games with 5 rbi) has been diagnosed with a partial tear in his his left lat muscle. He received a  platelet-rich plasma injection at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NY and will be shut down for 3 weeks. Best case scenario has the Long Island native back in 5-6 weeks. This news and injury does severe damage to the Mets postseason hopes.

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